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I bought a Roper washing machine about 8 months ago and had problems with it leaving lint all over the clothes everywhere a couple months after. I called the store and explained it to them about what it was doing so they gave me the phone number to have it looked at by one of their appliance techs.

The guy came by and opened it up and let it run for awhile and shut it off and said we were using to much soap and to not fill the machine more then half way with clothes. We tried what he said and then it didnt do anything!! The lint looked like it was dropped on the floor and dragged down the street!! We called again and they told us if he comes by again then we would have to pay a fee for him to come out if there was no problem.

He came by and it was the same person that came the first time!! He did the same exact thing he did the first time, Nothing!! We went to Lowes numerous times and they kept making me come back and talk to this person and that person(nothing but the run-around) We asked if they could give us a new machine and they said no!

Now we have a machine that is defective and the clothes come out dirtier then they went in. I chose this as a last resort to try to solve this problem!!

Monetary Loss: $300.

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You have to go to the STORE MANAGER, or further up the chain of command to get anywhere with this issue. File a complaint on their website.