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We ordered 3 kitchen appliances. It was not delivered the first date provided.

No phone call from Lowes. We had to call to find out it was no longer being delivered. Second date of delivery provided. We call and are told appliances are still not available.

One appliance was "not loaded on the truck." As in it didn't fit on the delivery truck? Another hadn't been shipped to the store yet. A friend just went through a similar fiasco with Lowes so I at least knew NOT to take off work for delivery because inevitably you would waste a "sick day" or lose income for an unpaid day off. We cancelled our order, well at least attempted to.

When we said we wanted to cancel, Mike the manager at the Severn Maryland store told us he was "Sorry to hear that," but rather than cancel the order he transferred us to a phone survey.

Lowe's customer service is comparable and as frustrating as Comcast's customer service from a few years ago. I hope all the negative backlash and cancelled orders or returned orders start to bring attention to their hurrendous delivery and customer services.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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But a Snow Blower for $844.00 but it was not delivered . Lowe's told me that they were not responsible since it was their contractor who was responsible to deliver the item.

People should stop buying from Lowe's