Honolulu, Hawaii
Not resolved

After calling and getting no answer I went to the store and waited 30 minutes to be told the product was in but still has not been unloaded. Asked for credit application and was only approve for 500.00.

Took 20 minutes on the phone just to get the application done and I have excellent credit.

Went to Home Depot they had the product gave me a credit limit of 2500.00 and I only had to show my id and punch in my SS number into the key pad..no forms no calls...no wait time...and I had 4 asking if they could help me instead of me waiting for one person to help 4 of us. Just saying HD has got my money from now on !!

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Sorry. It's--that works(first line). I will fink on myself before the "PRO" does.


Hey. Let me guess.

You are the Electrical Pro the works in the electrical department of a Lowes store(if not, then sorry). Your comments and the little bit of info that you throw around in your statements(all of them) suggest that. Maybe the person on this review does not quite understand credit procedures. The financial institutions for all retail stores in the world have the right to give limits for what ever reasont based on consumers credit history, income, and how much credit they are already paying on.

The retail stores have no business or rights in determining the total of a persons credit limit. The providers are seperate institutions and are used by stores because a store is not a bank. More established and honest places may only give a small limit in protection to the customer.

The credit guidelines have changed tremendously in this country with our new President. "Electrical Pro", find out what institution your establishment goes through(no matter who you may work for)and find out a little more about their credit provider.


I really do not see the poor customer service on this one. Our system is a little slow, I'll admit that. But as per the product still being unloaded...well, have you ever unloaded a 53 foot trailer full of product ?

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