Austin, Texas

Their returns associate Luz in Austin Texas was extremely rude. Her attitudes need total revamping.

I was shocked how she was yelling at me for a return that was within 40 days of purchase, had receipts and product codes in order!!!! If they want customers to return products within a week, they should say so on their receipts and not advertise a return policy of 90 days!!! Lowe's associates need a total customer service training and paradigm shift.

They ensure total customer dissatisfaction. Throughout my life I have always shopped at lowe's -- As of now, I am never shopping at Lowe's again!!.

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I agree, Lowe's customer service is terrible! I too was treated rudely over the phone by a Lowe's employee. I have spent thousands of dollars in their stores, but in the future it will all be going to their competitors.


I've had no problem with customer service at my Lowes in Eastern NC. In fact when I found out that there is a 10% military discount (retired Marine) I mentioned that I had bought over $2400.00 worth of home improvement items over the past 6 months the clerk told me to bring in my receipts and he would give me the discount.

I did...

and she gave me $240.00. No problems at all here!


Lowes has a history of not paying customers their product rebates. If you have had this happen call my cell at 201-926-9200 or email me at

We are bringing claims to get customers their rebates.

Jos. Santoli, Esq.


And no Lowes employee will loose any sleep over you not shopping there anymore. When one customer leaves MANY others join.

Regardless of how much money you use to spend at their stores you will not hurt their market share by leaving because they are a CORPORATION. Point being, you will not be missed.