Glen Burnie, Maryland

In Oct '12, I purchased a Kobalt rolling tool bag from the Severn, MD Lowes store. After a few months of use, the lifetime guaranteed item broke a wheel and had sticking issues with the telescoping handle.

In Jan '13 I went to the Glen Burnie, MD Lowes to exchange the damaged bag for a new one. The customer service associate asked me if I had a receipt or had the original form of payment (so they could look up the transaction in their system). It was supposed to be a HASSLE FREE RETURN -- Kobalt was definitely a LOWES item sold only at LOWES stores, so it seemed sensible that receipts and "My Lowes" purchase tracking was unnecessary should anything break under warranty. Boy was I wrong!

Many years ago (probably 6 or more) I had returned an item without a receipt for a store credit, which is what I usually satisfied with doing, since I generally purchased something else in the store anyhow. Well, it appears they have changed their return policy and held a grudge against past receiptless returners by keeping a "Permanent black list" (as I was told by a Lowes Return Administrator). This time I was not allowed to exchange my item for a store credit (or even item-for-item) using my ID and they were unable to find the purchase on my Lowes credit card. My so-called "hassle free" return had become a major hassle and almost cost me a wasted trip to the store until my wife stepped up and exhanged it for me with her ID --- now she is black listed too by the intolerant and warranty dishonoring Lowes machine.

Lowes stores have become too big for their customers' good and have lost touch with their customers' needs. I have purchased Husky tools from Home Depot before, but have never had the same rude disregard for honoring their guaranteed tools. I've always been able to exchange one broken tool for a new tool of the same kind without have to go through a formal return to a store credit and then repurchasing the item as was the case with Lowes.

It should have been a simple exchange at Lowes - one item for one item - but leave it to Lowes to make it complicated.

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Return policies have gotten tighter because of people like you returning as you say "damaged" products. Warranties cover manufacturing defects.

Far too many people think things they damage are defective.

If you abuse a product and damage it there is no reason any store should be expected to replace it. Consumer abuse like this just drives prices up and causes businesses to be more restrictive in their return policies as a result.


Police were called on my wife when we returned mini fridge that was dented. The shopping cart attended did not like the fact that we left the packaging in the cart when we made the return.

He wanted her charged with littering. I couldn't make this up. Bad switches on Kobalt flashlights got me blacklisted years ago. Two out of three didn't work.

Bad Southwire voltage detectors and the list goes on. Punish the customer for bad products and service by blacklisting them and this is what happens.


I tried returning an unopened roll of exterior wire for which I had no receipt (for store-credit), had it refused at Lowes because told them it could have been bought 90 days ago!


I bought a Craftsman 1/2 ratchet , ten years ago. It finally broke, and i walked into Sears, told them issues.

They associate at the counter took the broken ratchet and gave me a refinished one, no questions asked. I was in and out in 4 minutes, now thats service.


Dear Anonymous Jan 14

Review #: 375038,

I very much appreciate your concern and understand your displeasure. Lowe's has certain policies associates need to follow. Please, don't take it out on the associate processing the return/exchange. Keeping the receipt and putting your purchase on the "My Lowe's" card will help facilitate the process and gets you , the customer, on your way faster. Registering your My Lowe's card will provide you with many benefits ( about 50 of them at this time). You can review all your purchases online when you log into your account.


There's a policy on the back of each receipt... READ IT! They aren't going to just give stuff away


Hassle free does not equate to just giving away their product. You could have stolen it, or bought it past the return policy.

Returns are a courtesy not a right, and Jesus Christ, people like you are what is wrong with this economy. KEEP THE DARN RECEIPT.


3 years later and you still sound like a Lowe's sycophant.Customers are going to HOME depot in mass exodus in my area 21061 .When Lowe's files bankruptcy papers because they have cavalier attitude towards customer service. And it's not just the return policy it's also incompetent manager's letting employees run amok.

In particular the paint dept at the severn Md store.

After I have spoken with a higher up I will return here and post what happened. I would add I'm a contractor that spends quite a bit of money, but unless they do something I will take my business elsewhere along with the 3 corporations (house builders)for whom I work.

Don't know if it's Lowe's policy or an individuals that just needs to be relieved of her duties,remains to be seen what the outcome is. As slow as this location is one would think they'd be better in areas of customer satisfaction and services.

insubordination can't possibly be tolerated and I have witnesses. Gotta go bloods boiling again because of ignorance.