Granite City, Illinois

I applied and interviewed for a full time and a part time seasonal lumber department position. I am a qualified adult with 10 years in the construction business AND 2 years working in a Central Hardware lumber department. I have EXCELLENT customer service and communication skills yet when I interviewed for these positions I was told that they had to wait til 2 other qualified applicants were available for them to interview before they could make a decision. I mean, THERE I was AVAILABLE, QUALIFIED, and practically BEGGING for a job with them. That was a week and a half ago. Today I get an email telling me that they have decided to choose others for the position. WHAT????? For BOTH of these positions they are going to tell ME that someone else is MORE qualified. IM SORRY BUT I DONT BELIEVE THEM. NOT ONE SECOND.

I have to tell you. When I went to that store in Granite City, IL for that interview, the woman, Toni, had NO personality whatsoever. I mean, she looked like some plastic robot with some horrible makeup on and an even more horrible hairstyle that was very unbecoming of a woman her age. She immediately started with her scripted interviewing as if she had memorized every line and every word. I mean, it was unbelievable. Talk about ridiculous. She read off the list of qualifications so fast that my head spun. Then she read off a list of things associated with the job such as dress code, etc etc quickly again. Then she says to me 'any questions?'. THEN she immediately proceeds to a list of situation questions in which you are suppose to remember things that happened to you during former employment situations. I mean, its just ridiculous. So, she quickly would read off a scenario and then ask like 5 additional questions and then you are suppose to stop your head from spinning and come up with some response for her all while she is looking at you with NO expression and a blank face like some robotoid. I mean, there was NO human element to this woman OR the interview whatsoever for them to tell what kind of a person I was or anything. THEN after I responded to all her questions to the best of my ability, and I have to say I truly believe I did give some good responses. I mean, heck, Ive worked in construction for the last 10 years PLUS 2 years of hardware/lumber experience. THEN she passed me onto an assistant manager and again he gives me the very same treatment. In a very hurried fashion he breezes thru a series of situation questions almost identical to what the woman asked me. I mean, again, NO human element to this interview. No, sit down and talking or just feeling out someones personality or anything. Its the stupidest way of conducting an interview I have EVER seen or been through. AND they wanna send me and email and tell me that I am not qualified to work for their store in which they are only gonna pay be minimum wage! PLEASE. You have to be kidding. Do they know how needy I am of a job right now where there just aren't many jobs offered in this area? The recession is NOT over by a long shot as the democrats would have you to believe. Unemployment is much higher than they are telling us! Did they talk to me and find out that I have a family to feed? NO. Did they talk to me and find out that I have a mortgage payment that is overdue? NO. Did they even bother to ask me if I am a Christian man and have good morals and standards? NO.

Would I want to work for a place like this?

To be very honest. NO. Not after this!

And I will NEVER shop there again either. I honestly hope that store eventually goes out of business.

I AM qualified enough to be offered a job there and yet they most likely have chosen to give this job or these jobs to kids with little or no experience that honestly don't have mortgage payments and need the employment quite as badly. . THIS is just a horrible thing for Lowes knowing how they discriminate against qualified people like myself.

I would seriously like to know WHY these 2 uneducated people at Lowes would deem someone like myself not worthy to be offered a job?

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Manager.

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Worked in HR, we only hire those dumb and naive enough to work for low pay, we don't want those to rise from the bottom to the top, only those who will be content with staying at the ground level.


You have such a big head they should use you for a float, seriously someone was better than you, as sad as it sounds it is true.


Discrimination! Wow.

You didn't get the job YOU wanted... so it must be discrimination.

Let's see... you called them liers, claimed your more qualified than anyone else they will interview, insulted the interviewer, and claim that your better because your a Christian! Hummmm....

Me thinks there are a few skeletons in your closet!

Because a person needs a job to pay bills and feed their family, does NOT entitle them to the job. If that were he case, everyone would have a job.

Nor does the fact that you feel your qualified due to your experience in construction - which you most likely are. Or, that your a decent Christian.

That's discrimination in reverse.

Like many posters have already stated, there are more issues involved here. Attitude is a main factor in any interview.

Swallow your pride, play the game, follow the script, and tell them 'what they want to hear'.


The questions of whether you have a family to feed, mortgage to pay or what religion you are have no place in an interview. asking these questions can lead to charges of discrimination and they won't be brought up by anyone who knows anything about interviewing.

Just because you worked in construction doesn't mean you have the skills needed to sell their products. The reason they asked fast paced questions was to see how you handled the situation. Retail customers often throw one question after another and you need to be able to think fast in order to keep the sales process moving.

If others could handle their questions better than you could, they are the ones who deserved the job regardless of their age, appearance or religion. Lowes did the right thing.


If you feel the need to put others down, make others look bad to make yourself look good obviously you have poor skills, face it you are not the best, the other two are better than you, you are not as good as you think you are, and for someone who is supposed to be an adult you act like a nine year old child just because someone is better qualified than you are. I like how you claim discrimination when you discriminate against Toni based on how she is dressed.

You say you don't want to work for this place, but I think you really do, I think it is a sour grapes thing. You say you don't want to work for this place to make yourself feel better. I am sure the other people interviewed gave better answers than you, or perhaps they did not have an attitude problem the way you did. Clearly you were not hired and you are handling this in an immature fashion.

Perhaps if you acted more like an adult and less like a nine year old you would have had the job. Get off your high horse and learn that there are people better than you, you are not as good as you think


If you took the same attitude to the interview that you had when writing your post, no wonder you did not get the job. So they had others scheduled to interview!

Why would you think they would cancel other candidates' interviews to hire you?! Why would you think that you were the most qualified of anyone? What would make you think that? You know your skills and experience, but you don't know anyone else's.

Face it. They had better applicants. And, the questions you wondered why they didn't ask you, well buddy, you must be cr*zy.

No one is going to ask an applicant about their financial situation, what bills they owe and whether they are a Christian. You don't get many interviews, is what it sounds like to me.


Plus what the previous responder said there was absolutely no reason for you to ridicule the interviewer the way that you did. Your attitude towards her probably showed and that could be a major reason that you weren't hired. The people that do the interviewing usually work in the personal/human resources offices, which means they are somebody that you have to get along with.


They probably figured your ego would take up too much space. I am quite sure that your attitude showed and they were trying to be kind by saying they had to interview more people. You won't get very far until you grow up a bit.