Covington, Tennessee

i live in greeneville tennessee. and we have a single lowes store.

and believe me they know it. the people that (work?) there. could care less about the customer. i am constantly frustrated with the lack of knowledge the employees have.

not to mention, the we dont give a *** attitude they have. the nearest competition is home depot in johnson city, some 30 miles away. which would cost me in time and fuel. lowes have put mom and pops around here out of bizzness.

because they can sell it cheaper than mom and pop can buy it. but is saving a few bucks worth the *** and frustration, that you have to go through?

i dont think so....

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you had me at greeneville TN.


:) Correction:

Next time your in Lowe's and have a Bad experience ask to talk to the

MOD Manager On Duty and if he doesn't have a solution ask for the Regional Managers Phone Number.

The Home Depot on the other Hand.

Good Luck!


Certified Installer

Brighton, Co


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