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Lowes is not a supporter of veterans. I contacted Senator Graham of South Carolina but he is not a Trump, veteran, or consumer caring person.

I suggest you leave Lowes for Home Depot or anyone one else. You may want to think who we need to vote for in SC when the next election comes around. I think Mr. Graham is bought and paid for by big companies, we need a Trump like person to run in SC.

That may just happen next time for Mr. Graham. Lowes can be another Sears or KMART in a few years as it is going now, a has-been. My advise treat people the way you want to be treated, not like Lowes or Mr.


God Bless America (A Retired Veteran/with a Blue Retired Card). Thomas Matheson Retired Master Sergeant

Reason of review: Treatment of Veterans, Complained already received Confirmation # of 1-12547335421, no one ever called. You have my Phone #. Through with Lowes..

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Lowes Cons: You have my complaint on file.

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For all of you know-it-all's Home Depot and Lowes both give veteran's discount. And President Trump does not own either way of them ..he is not tobe blame fI r your ignorance


Why do you believe Lowes doesn't support vets? Are you just another vet that thinks their enlistment or discharge papers said you were entitled to a discount at retail stores? Just because a retail store doesn't offer a discount doesn't mean that they don't appreciate vets.


FYI, Home depot doesn't offer a veterans discount anymore either. In fact you can read all about it in the Home Depot section of this site.


You realize don't you that Trump is a draft dodger and cares for no one except zillionaires.


and people who actually work for a living.


That's pretty funny, he couldn't care less about the working class. Just watch.