Wasilla, Alaska

In early April 2010, Lowes home improvements had a sale on building materials. I bought some of the stuff I needed and told them I would pick it after on or about May 10, 2010. I went back to on LOWES MAY 21, 2010 and wanted to order more material andd have it all delivered.When They looked for my previous order, I gave them their store receipt from my Lowes credit card.The assistant Manager looked on his computer, but could not find my order. He then went to pull out a delivery receipt book to see if my order had been delivered, even though myself and my wife told him we never got the goods.He then proceeded to tell me that someone from their store called me and that I told them I had gotten the order. When I asked what # and what date they called, I was told that I had been contacted on May 13 on my cell phone. I pulled out my cell and pulled up the received calls log for that date and showed the Asst Manager the call log. There was no call from lowes. Anyhow, after 2 1/2 hours we finally got it straightened out, and I placed another order to be delivered on Friday May 28, 2010. When asked I told them a morning delivery would be better. I called Lowes at 6:35 am on the 28th to make sure my order was going to be deliverd. I was told it was on the truck. my wife called me at 11:00am and said the delivery still had not arived, si I told her to call Lowes and talk to the Manager, which she did. She was told that the order was not even on the truck yey and was scheduled for an afternoon delivery. I was pissed when she called and told me the news. I called Lowes What a joke Customer care, the young lady was asked for the Top Person, a VP or otherwise who was in charge of customer complaints, she passed me on to her Supervisor, I advised him that I wanted to speak to the horses mouth not the other end. He finally agreed to put me throught to the Executive offices. Some guy named Brian assured me that either the store manager or the District manager would be in contact with before 5PM. Shock and Surprise, no one called me. I stopped at the store on the way home at 5:10,I was advised that the store Manager was gone for the weekend. Obviously little chumps likee and my $1200.00 plus order doesn't mean *** to Lowes.I have spent about $10k at that store in the last year, but no more. Public BE AWARE, LOWES HOME IMPROVEMENTS DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOU, they will gladly take your money and then forget about you. Unfortunately at Lowes, Customer service has gone the way of the DINOSAUR, OBSOLETE

One Former Pissed off Lowes Customer.

PS I cut up my Lowes Credit Card

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Delivery Service.

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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I was screwed over similarly to that. I ordered two wrenches online to be delivered to their store.

Took them over a month to get it and when I would ask when they were gonna get it they had no clue. Lowes cu s timer service needs a major revamping.


I had a similar problem with Lowes They took me for over 10000 to remodel my bathroom, with tile, plumbing, vanity, toilet, and light fixture, new carpet. The bathroom tile border was crooked, some of the tiles were popping off trhe walls, the carpet was installed with the wrong color, they moved moved back my bedroom set and broke two mirrors behind the headboard.

They refused to come out and fix it.

I was not given a refund. Their worker also cracked a grill on my ac unit.


I think Sapphie could get employee of the year at Lowe's. :zzz :upset :x :(


If Lowe's doesn't want to deliever orders and it takes up so much time, why offer the service? Does Sapphie represent Lowe's?

Perhaps, we understand the true problem now! :p :p :p


Lowe's screwed me too. It must be their training dept.

I can't believe they can find that many employee's or managers to do such a horrible service. It must come from the top down!


Lowe's screwed you... Welcome to Lowe's world.

Yes, they will take your money and the rest is history. However, they aren't the only home center in town. I've marked them off my list....as for the sales ... not sure they have the stock to match the money for the product.

They don't care about you. Buyer Beware??

Buyer take your money down the road. There are companies that will take care of their customers after the sale.


:cry :cry :cry No we DON"T care about you . Doing delivery orders takes up tons of time and effort and is a pain in the a.s.s. Go to Home Depot we DONT WANT YOU IN OUR STORE.