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Hot water heater replacement, called around and went with Lowes because of their reputation of quality. They sent a contracted plumber JW Plumbing.

What a disappointment. They quoted the same price as others, but the plumber showed up LATE in the day, started work, and stopped and said I would have to pay $300 more if I wanted him to finish the job. The $450 water heater cost me an additional $500 in labor.

What a scam. To add insult to injury the plumber had only months of experience in plumbling, and had no idea how to put an insulated blanket on the heater.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Replacement.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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This is NOT Lowes instalation policy. You should contact the installation department at the Lowes you purchased your water heater and installlation contract through and report this to them the price you are quoted on the installation that you paid for is the full price the man is not allowed to charge you any more $$.

They need to know this so they can get void the contract Lowes has with him as an istaller.

If they give you any problems tell them you want corps # and things will get straightened out. I used to work at Lowes and trust me our store voided contracts with installers over things like this you may also want to go into the store and have a face to face talk with the manager if he's any good at his job he will help you.