Update by user Dec 11, 2017

Jessica called me from the store and was more than gracious about hearing my issues and then agreeing to waive the return period for the pressure washer. I was wrong about the 90 day, it is actually 30.

We both agreed that, although unrelated to my recent visits, the waiver would certainly make me feel better about continuing to shop at Lowes and I will. The return was a breeze - the model I had was not available but they happily gave me a store credit which I used at a different Lowes to purchase the washer. It is worthy to note that she did not mention my review here.

If she was aware of it she didn't say so or ask for a retraction. I say well done Lowes!

Original review posted by user Dec 08, 2017

I won't go into long boring detail. I will just say that it is useless to contact customer care.

I had three visits to Lowes in a row which not only resulted in not getting what I needed but left me feeling frustrated at the lack of knowledge and interest displayed on those visits. Customer care promised a call back from a store manager which did not happen. The second time I contacted them a marketing manager was to call me back which I correctly assumed would not happen either. It is clear that customer care is there to insulate customers from upper management and not to resolve issues.

I even had a simple request for resolution - a waiver of the 90 day return policy for a pressure washer that failed after six hours of use - which was flatly denied. It had failed before the 90 day time period but because of Harvey we were unable to make it in time.

Every other business in Houston and others with Houston clients bent over backwards to assist Houstonians affected by Harvey. Maybe Lowes did too, but not with me.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Contracted Lowes to build an entry ramp with a 14x14 deck to the tune of 17k. The only thing they’ve done efficiently is cash my check 2 months ago.

Contract has start date of 7/29. As of today 8/7 nothing has begun.

Seems to me that that voids the contract and I am entitled to a full refund. What are my chances?


Those pressure washers you buy at the box stores are crap. All of them.


Lowe’s return policy state that Outdoor Power Equipment(including pressure washers), is 30 days. Unless you purchased the Lowe’s Extra Protection Plan, your issue is with the manufacturer.

Most pressure washers come with a one year limited warranty. Perhaps you should take it up with them.


Guess I didn't need to! Lowes took it back for me! I hope you feel better though.