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I Bought washer with extended warranty (now expired) and it keeps going out of balance and you can't wash in only hot water it switches to warm by it's self. I work he stays home and didn't know there was a problem with it.

Repair guy Whirlpool sent was *** and don't know nothing about either problem. Even I know a washer is suppose to be in the middle and not off to the side when it's done spinning.

I ask Lowes if I could to switch to better brand AT MY COST, they said no.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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Lowes, along with any retailer, only refunds product for a short amount of time (specified on the receipt), after that time all products must go through the manufacturer. It's not the stores fault the washer doesn't work.

Generally speaking manufacturer WANT to stand by their product. ALWAY call them first.


Get online and contact Whirlpool directly. Please do not listen to any of these people on here as the whole point of this site is to view your coplaint or complaints on here then maybe somehow or somewhere get some advice and help to solve the problem not what everyone else is doing on here.

Now again contact Whirlpool either by phone or online. Let them know your machine is out of warrentee and the fact that you had tried when it was under warrentee that you had tried to repair it. Show or explain your work repair reciepts to the Whirlpool SUPERVISOR or service person. This MAY OR MAY NOT help you get a better rate on your repair and give them your opinion as to weather you would ever buy their product again.

I suggest you try the nice approach first before you accuse, abuse or otherwise missuse the person your speaking with. The point is to get your machine working like it is suppose to and get on with your lives. Once you get your machine repaired and your still not happy with Whirlpool then I would suggest getting a lawyer's opinion and suggestions as to your next form of action. At the very least you should have your machine repaired by this time and some of your sting may be gone.

I am TOTALLY with you that you should not be having this issue with your machine at all weather it is or is not under warrentee this action is NOT correct in any way...

Get it repaired first then start your complaining if your not happy with the rest... I hope this helps it sure as heck is much better than the BS your getting from the other Brains on here...


Next time think about going to Menards


Lowes fixed my washer twice! The washer is defective in its design and should be pulled from the market. My hubby is dying and thats why he stays home and I work.


Are you serious,


Really are you serious.



You're that ballsie, that you think someone should replace your old washer after the EXTENDED warranty is expired.

I guess so

you work and he stays home.

Sounds like a great life for him. Whomever him is?


Another example of a consumer thinking they have the right to "rent " a product for several years then swap it for a new model. (Extended warranty expired tells me its been at least 4) Then when the product has issues (usually from abuse not use) they feel entitled to something for nothing.

If you want to rent somethig go to Rent A Center and pay thier inflated prices. Your trying to scam retailers cost me money in higher prices.

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I work for Lowe's in the appliance dept., so I think I can give you some

info. The standard warranty for any

appliance is 1 year (manufacturer),

Lowe's offers 2 or 4 year extended

service plans that start once the manu

facturers warranty is up. So if your

extended warranty is expired as you

state, you would have had the washer

for either 3 or 5 years. Unfortuneately

with this amount of time passing since purchase there is nothing Lowe's (or any retailer) could do. If

this has been an ongoing problem and had been reported you may be able to receive some help from Whirlpool. I deal with customers and

appliance problems daily and I can

tell you that Lowe's will do what they

can to satisify their customers when

able, but if 3 or 5 years have passed,

there is nothing Lowes would be able

to do. Please call Whirlpool and see

if they can help you. You may even try

calling a different service tech.

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We do stand behind the products we sell, Mishap2345!!!! We can also speak and write correctly, too, using proper grammar.

OK, now, be honest here, when did you purchase the washer?? Do you realize that WE DO NOT GET CREDIT for appliances from the manufacturer after a certain amount of time? This is also true for Sears, Home Depot, Best Buy, anyone.

And if we do take it back, who pays for your problem? An honest customer who is not trying to "milk the system!" I bet you've had the washer for several months (years, perhaps?) And now want something new without paying for it!

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