Clermont, Florida

After cancelling twice, and not returning my phone calls, I finally gave up on the delivery of a stove, fridge and dishwasher and just cancelled my order. I had a hard time getting the order cancelled too...they kept trying to tell me that it was my fault because they had tried to contact me and could not reach me.

I'm sorry but if you tell me you are going to be should be there.

I should have known that "free delivery" really means..we could careless if you get your order! I will never order another appliance from Lowes in Clermont, Florida

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we ordered cabinets, took over 3 months it was a nightmare back and forth because they didn't measure right and want their designing not yours. My husbands cousin in Ind.

had the same person helping her and would give her same sob story about living with sister. COMISSION


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Lowes is terrible with their delivery service. I had nothing but bad experience with them. I found out that they use a third party delivery service and most of the time there is a huge communication breakdown between the companies.

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