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I have never been to a Lowes Home Improvement Store with such a disregard for customer service.

At the Lowes on Marks Street in Henderson Nevada no one seems to be available to help you and when they see you they head in the other direction.

One employee that I encountered was on a personal phone call and acted like he did not see me patiently waiting to talk to him. When he finally got off the phone he seemed to be preoccupied and disinterested when helping me.

The management team wasn't any better and had numerous excuses in defense of the sales associates and their lack of interest and customer service skills. It seemed that they are giving me a standardized response from some company handbook.

Do yourself a favor and drive a little out of your way and shop at the Lowes on South Boulder Highway.

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:grin That's no true. I am a Realtor and have being using Marks Street store for the last 6 months.

In all areas they have a great customer service, special at commercial service desk. Julius and Brian are taking care of me and my clients and I never had any problems, only satisfaction.

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