Las Vegas, Nevada
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The management team at Lowes on Marks Street in Henderson, Nevada is the worse that I have ever experienced since I started doing business with Lowes. The manager does not return phone calls even after the store operator states that he is in the store but he is busy and will call you before he leaves for the day.

So after patiently waiting for a return phone call you end up calling the store and finally reach him. He then responds to your complaints with unsatisfactory and condescending remarks. And his response to your dissatisfaction; if you don't like our service go down the street to Home Depot.


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Ivanteyevka, Moscow, Russian Federation #209649

If you think they have bad management you should visit the Spokane Valley, WA. store.

We were in there about a month ago waiting for service at the plumbing desk an so I push the customer assistance button, after a couple of pages overhead we saw an older man with a blue vest on and we thought we would get some help, but instead he looked at us and turned around and started to walk towards the front of the store, that's when we noticed it read service manager on the back.

To make it short we ended up Home Depot which is about two and half blocks away. Very poor service and it doesn't seem to do no good talking to the customer care since the same people are still there.

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