Henderson, Nevada
Not resolved

1hr45 min wait for someone to cut plywood gave up left then after buying and plumbing the whole shower valve i bought i find it has a critical missing part yet another scam from lowes no manage around and everyone is doing nothing i called and had to wait for the operator to stop laughing and playing grab *** with a coworker this is the operator now i stalk the manager at home watch the kids play ect planning something good for this *** hope you got money sugar in the tank and all that in total you cost my my whole day and 2 to 5 thousand dollers due to entire hotel being shut down because of you resaleing returned ***

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Manager.

Monetary Loss: $3.

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Buy a *** saw and shut the *** up...


if your grammar is anything like your personality i probably wouldnt want to help you either...


well the people in lowes only make so much money so why should they care when you have a problem with the store and personal no1 get the store no. make sure u have the persons name then call the corprate office speake to public relation then give them the info and the store and the persons name then request a call back from that person in corprate when the problems are repaired people hate getting reamed from the corprate office and *** does happen

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