Johnstown, Pennsylvania

Lowes in LaVale Md cares only about profit, that is it. They obviously treat their people like ***.

The customers are treated equally as bad. I even had one fellow tell me (who is staunchly anti-union)that "Lowes needs a Union because they treat their people so badly. He is a contractor! When I go in there, only a few faces are familiar.

Most are new hires, mostly unknowledgable yound kids. When I need help, I need someone with experience in that department and the products. Not some snotty nosed young kid proficient with his cell phone! Please do not get me wrong, there are good, knowledgable people in that store, but they are far and few and in between.

Management seems to be the dregs of the area.

Perhaps, if Lowes had some competition like Home Depot or Menards, things would change.

But for now, no competition is in sight, so that store does what it wants to do.

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