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DO NOT GET YOUR KITCHEN CABINETS HERE! Lowes is HORRIBLE for installing kitchen cabinets! When my husband and I first sat down with the customer rep to re-design our kitchen he was extremly friendly and made us feel very comfortable. He gave us loads of advice on what we would need in our kitchen and how to save money.

After hearing horror stories about kitchen reons we decided to go with Lowes for the main fact that if something should go wrong we believed they would stand by their customer. After all their whole campaign is about customer service! Yet once the rep commenced to re-design our kitchen on his computer and told us there was no need to actually see the kitchen I got a bit nervous. I should have known right there that it is hard to re-design a kitchen when you have never stepped foot into it! At the end of the order we spent $13,000 for kitchen installation.

The turnout was horrible! The main focal point- the cabinets over my stove were COMPLETELY CROOKED and there was a big gap between the cupboard and the fan! We also were not able to open the shutter over our window that was over our sink b/c they mis-measured and the frame around the window came to low. So the shutter hit the wooden frame when I tried to open it! AND the lazy susan the rep convinced us to buy was too big for the space so it hit my stove when I tried to open it!

When we pointed out these disasters to the installation guys they completely agreed with us, that the kitchen was designed poorly and they tried to fix the mistakes. But I ended up with a lazy susan drawer that hit my stove, my shutter that would not open AND a huge gap in the cupboards above my stove that had to be filled with extra wood pieces.

They advised us to call the manager of installations and complain about the designer. When we called the rep to complain he got very nervous he even came to our house to see the problem and told us he would get the installation guys to come back and fix it. The problems could not be fixed unless I reinstalled the entire kitchen which I was not willing to do b/c then I would have to get my granite re-done (a cost Lowes would not cover).

When I tried to call the manager to complain I was put off constantly. I fought with them for WEEKS about this. They kept saying there was nothing they could do. THE manager BOB was very rude...he completely acted like I didn't matter. The fact that we spent $13,000 was irrelevant to was like I was complaining about a lightbulb. I had to continously go in in person to speak to him because after a while he stopped taking my phone calls. I felt like I had to stalk him to get him to admit Lowes screwed up our kitchen and I was entitled to some compensation.

After weeks of complaining and arguing he was willing to give me a $50 gift card and %40 off ONE item that had to do with my kitchen (excluding any big items). And to boot I couldn't even get the 40% of a package of potlights because they were to expensive! I was fuming! After all the money we spent, all the mistakes we got $50! Great way to value your customers!

This company is HORRIBLE! They boast about thier customer service but they don't care. That rep and his buddy who tried to cover up our mess ended up getting fired after another rep told us they had messed up kitchens before. But of course BOB the manager would never admit to that.

If you need a kitchen done DO NOT go to LOWES. My 4yr old could have designed me a better kitchen with a computer and a mouse! CUSTOMER SERVICE IS HORRIBLE! I had a 3month old at home and a toddler and finally gave up on trying to get any money back from Lowes. I just didn't have the time.

But I am WARNING anyone who is thinking about getting anything installed or designed from Lowes to STAY AWAY! Go to a professional...because this company is anything but professional!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Installation.

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I'm installing a kitchen as we speak and the designer must have had a rubber tape measure



Wow, I could have written this article! Going on 3 months without a kitchen because of a few backordered cabinets, and Lowe's doesn't know where they are.

No kitchen and the stuff from our kitchen and boxes of cabinets piled around our house.

But what does Lowe's care? They've already been paid.