Clintwood, Virginia
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I was attempting to build an addition onto my mother-in-laws house. My first trip to Lowes in Norton Va I had a list of item needed to frame the addition.

I went to the project desk with my list. After waiting for about 10 minutes a lady showed up. Looked at my list and said I needed to go to lumber. After chasing an employee in the lumber section I was told to go to the project desk.

I was then told to go to the commercial desk. Then told I was not a commercial customer. Go to the front registers. A young lady that did not know a screwdriver from a cinder block tried to help but she did not have a clue.

After several in house phone calls, which went unanswered. Another lady tried to help. The items were delivered in 5 days. Even though the items were on the receipt, the order was by far incorrect.

I made another 30 mile trip to the store. Had a list of what was incorrect and everything else I needed. I had a few 2x4s and subflooring on a cart that I needed right away. The rest was to be delivered.

Went to the registers at the lumber yard section. A customer was at the commercial register and another at the other register. After standing for over 5 minutes the guy at the commercial desk finished and left. I moved to that register.

Was told I would have to go back to the other register. Went back. After 10 more minutes the customer at the register got frustrated and left, He had been waiting 15 minutes for a price on a box of nails. I steps to the register, told the clerk I also had an order to be delivered, handed him my list.

He rang up what was on my cart. Handed back my list and told my I had to go the the commercial register for a delivery. They would also pull up my cart items. Stand in line again.

Finally got the clerk to punch in my order. Gave me a total, I asked if that included what was on my cart. NO, I would have to pay for that at the other register. At this point I just wanted to finish and go home.

Asked when the delivery would be. TWO WEEKS. I said that was not acceptable, is that the absolute best they could do. Without even looking up the clerk says.

THAT'S HOW IT IS. Frustrated beyond belief I said that will not work. Guess I will have to go somewhere else. The clerk looked me and snidely commented "THAT WILL WORK TOO".

It was all I could do to not grab him be the hair and bash his face into the counter. Needless to say where I'll NEVER shop again!!!!!!

Monetary Loss: $10000.

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Do you need a babysitter at the grocery store too? Maybe you should have planned better?

You should have called to find out the lead time on deliveries for that store. They do have other customers you know. Go somewhere else then!!

It's people like you that make retail suck! Plan accordingly and don't expect miracles.


Welcome to Lowes! One bunch of idiots supervised by another group of fools.

Minimum wage help gets minimum wage answers. No one gives a *** anymore!