Perkins, Oklahoma

I have three simply amazingly BAD major experiences with Lowes here in Stillwater ..all in the past four months.

My bad experience ranges from them losing a refrigerator and claiming that someone else picked it up!....

to having a complete *** and incompetent installer come over and mis measure a patio door ..and then not standing by the error... and then re ordering the wrong door...

It is incredible but we have very few other options here.

The people just don't care and are not well trained...a seven year old could do better than most of these people...

Monetary Loss: $2.

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this sounds like a lowes typical shopping experience that i have every time I go into that store.


Hello I am Beverly I paid for 3 details on Tuesday 27th. I met a very pleasant gentleman in plumbing.

Even though the computer was running slow and the printer was not working he tried to hold it together. I then went to millwork and flooring. All the folks were pleasant even though short staffed. Well that retail.

I was told I would be contacted with in 48 hrs. The flooring installer was on the ball. He called me same day and was here on Wednesday to do the detail. The Plumbing installer I have not seen nor heard from.

It is now Friday. My husband had me go back and return the toilet and cancel the install. When I told the return gal we were not called and no one came, she said "we aren't perfect." Oookkk. My money is perfect.

I still did not here from the installer for millwork. It is Friday afternoon. I got a call from Lowes and the gentleman on the phone let me know that they had my measurements and I had to come into the store to choose my flooring. I told him I already did also the insulation for under the wood.

He replied. " Well all I have to do is make the calls." Ooookkk. The store manager has not done a one on one for customer service with his employees.

I always hair how pleasant the south is. I guess Oklahoma is not part of the south or is it that this Lowe's just sucks.


You know if you have a problem with Lowes, you should at least be brave enough to give your name. Most people don't read comments from anonymous people.

Lowes has never given us any problems.

We really like the store. Thanks, Barbara


Let me guess, Barbara--you're on the Lowe's payroll. Do you really think that posting your first name counts for anything?

Thanks! Barbara Too


I purchased a Frigidare refrigerator from Lowes in Stillwater in Feb 2009. May 15, 2010 the compressor stopped working.

Since it was over a year, Lowes wouldn't warranty the unit since I didn't buy the extended warranty.

So I ordered a new one from Sears with a 5 year extended warranty. Yes they deliver in Stillwater.



We don't all live on a reservation in a *** teepee you *** wipe! And second off, most of the employees are college students just trying to get through school so bear with us!


:zzz ,

This person needs to grow up... Uh...What do you think?


Hmmm.... me thinkum that if paleface in Stillwater is shopping in big home improvement teepee he must be being waited on by brave in red vest just offem reservation! Just giv'em a chance, after all, you're in OKLAHOMA for gosh sakes!!