Leander, Texas

Lowes in Troy Alabama has horrible, non-caring employees. I called about hardibacker board pricing because I am re-doing the flooring in my office.

I spoke with Chuck Drudy. He was rude and discurtious and made the comment "I'm going to have to go all the way to the back of the store to give you an exact price." I let it go and gave him my name and office number to call me back. When he called back he spoke with another office employee and as soon as she answered the phone he blurted out the pricing. She had no idea what he was talking about and he was very rude when he explained.

I called back to see if I could order the material and pay for it check by phone. The man I spoke with (i dont know his name) said "yes we accept check by phone." I thanked him, hung up and got out my checks. When I called back, they transferred me back to flooring. It was Chuck Drudy who answered.

I told him I wanted to order 48 sheets of .5" hardiboard, he asked how I wanted to pay and I told him check by phone. He informed me that they dont take check by phone. I told him that I had called earlier and a man told me they did take check by phone. He yelled at me and called me a liar and said that He was the man I spoke with and that all I asked him was about pricing.

I informed him that I had called two previous times and that NO HE WASNT THE MAN I SPOKE WITH THE SECOND TIME. I also told him that I didnt appreciate him calling me a liar. He hung up and transferred me to someone else. That person answered and said "we dont take check by phone" and hung up in my face.

Troy Al Lowes needs to get a grip. I WILL NOT be purchasing anything else from them especially my hardiboard.

They are inconsiderate *** who need to learn the meaning of "Customer Service" GET A CLUE, Its your JOB!! Troy Lowes just lost a veryyyyy valuble customer.

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You are a whiney *** head. Some people just want to *** and complain, you are one of those people.


WHY did you expect an order to be paid with by check over the phone? Do you know what a pain in the *** that is???

Do you have no compassion at all for the employees?

Come INTO the store next time instead of acting like you are ordering from a catalog. Grow up and quit whining.


There's a short fellow there whose name is Gary. He is the best at the store.


I purchased a chest freezer from Lowes.com on September 8th and my receipt said someone would call within 24 hrs to schedule delivery. No one called and I decided to call on September 18th because the receipt said this was my expected delivery date.

I called customer service and was told that the unit would be delivered on the 21st and someone would call prior to delivery. AGAIN no one bother to call instead they delivered the unit my cousin signed for it. Two hours later I get home and the chest had dents in the lid and about 3 or 4 more all over the refrigerator. I again called customer service and was transferred to the store manager who kindly informed me that there was no record of any dents.

I asked him if I came home from work and put the dents in the unit. I wanted this unit for a party and the way I was treated was just really bad. Leroy, the Manager was so rude and after arguing with him for a few I decided that it would be best to have them pick the unit up and refund my money. I made this decision after he yelled that he can order me a replacement but he had no idea when it would be ready maybe 2 or 3 weeks because this was a special order item.

I told him that arguing was not my style and I am not going to argue about dents because it is present. The sad part about this story is that had they been a little bit interested I might have kept the unit for a small discount.

I was only buying the unit to store meat for a party I am having. Customer Service doesn't exist anymore it seems and this will be my first and last buy at Lowes.



enough said...it does get results !!!!!


Some of the employees in the Troy store are kind, considerate, and helpful. Others are not trained adequately to assist customers.

(fault of management) I must admit, people generally respond to you the way you respond to them.

We shop often at Lowe's in Troy and will continue to do so. The majority of the employees are extremely kind.


I agree that SOME of lowe's 2212 employees are terrible and lazy, I work there and deal with first hand, and have had problems with that very person. There are however some very hard working people at that store who will go out of their way to help the customer, I am proud to be one of those. You can not judge the whole store off of one bad person or experience.


Sounds to me like you are rude and lazy. First of all it is spelled employee not employ.

Guess you are too lazy to type in two extra letters. Then you were too lazy to wait until he got back from the back to tell you the price. He told you that he had to go all the way back so you would know that it would take some time. You were too lazy to wait.

Probably wanted to play with your GIJoes. If you are slow than people generally get impatient. Not nice attitude from them, but obviously he was rude because you are slow at understanding things. Obviously you misunderstood.

You were rude to him, you deserved to he hung up on. Next time take your meds before dealing with people. What gives you a right to treat otheer's badly. Glad they hung up on your face.

Just because it is their job you have no right treating people like ***.

I am sure with your attitude they don't want your service anyways. I just feel sorry for the other companies that have to deal with you.