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I was shopping at lowes in waldorf, md and i notice that they was having a job fair. I was impressed by how many young people was at this job fair and how they was seemed to be prepared by already having interview clothing on.

The job fair was held in the back of the store by the rest room. As i was going to the rest room, i saw the store manager by the name Wayne the thing that was disturbing was how he said that these well dressed young people who was making an effort to gain employment looked like drug dealers, the last time i checked drug dealers don't apply for jobs.

the sad thing about this is nothing will be done about this incident becuase he will deny it of course.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Manager.

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Oddly the original poster never stated a specific racial group. Who said the young people were black, that were applying for employment? Any young person that is striving to obtain gainful employment should be applauded;especially these days.


Oh my Gosh! I am shocked that this site is a forum for this kind of talk.

Really? No value of any sort can be placed on any of these comments. I, myself am ashamed that I read them all and am dignifying these responses instead of leaving this site!! Social Networking...?



First of all, is this not the place for consumer's reviews? How did this subject come to be "planted" here?

I am sick of hearing about the poor unfortunate black race. Look at your grammar...is it correct grammar? NO. Why is it that EVERYTHING that happens to blacks these days is racist?

I do not see white people having a white pride month, nor do I see or hear of ALL white colleges, WHITE million man march...WOULD BE CONSIDERED WHAT? A KKK rally for sure. I do not see the whites having an all white get together and signage leading to an event of that nature. The whites of today DID NOT do what their ancestors did and should in no way be held accountable for it.

Blacks segregate themselves. Can you not see this? Give it a break, let it be, it is history stop reliving it. Everyone knows what happened to your ANCESTORS not you.

If your race does not want be stereotyped, IMPROVE it. Use proper grammar, stop committing crimes and (to the young black males) PULL UP YOUR PANTS! What is it supposed to mean?

Is it you can not afford to buy a belt? Maybe you want everyone to know you have on clean underwear...I mean really now, what is with the pants hanging off your hips?


Is it STILL this easy to stir it up for a thrill? Anonymous gives real NO ID or references.

No one else reports it. But (he?) knew how to stir it up with a deliberate attack on a legitimate business in a highly competitive and saturated market with the choice of words that were used. Looking at the store, there is no reason to believe it. Then or now.

And what (he) stirred up in minutes goes on for years? What does that make us for giving that old post the power?


I'm not racist by any means. However, it amazed me to read these posts.

Who are you trying to convince? You certainly just convinced me of your ignorance! You didn't even use proper grammar. There are these tools called spell check and grammar check...I suggest you use them in the future before posting such ridiculous posts!

Welcome to the 21st century people...use the tools provided and you will get much further in life. What happened to hard work and dedication to get where you want to be in life. People today are just looking for the easy way out and the free hand outs.

You aren't entitled to anything and the fact that you think you are proves just how ignorant you are! Just sayin'...


Killer Robot - You too have a problem with the English language. The word is "seriously" not "serious." Glass houses?


I was looking for the hours of lowes and found this. I truly lauded at the people making fun bc really this post is retarded.

The church people are correct but then again if you make a post like this you're asking for response. And the lowes Mgr's comment didn't mean he was racist. It meant our youth dress unprofessional and act even worse. It's just truth.

And the *** who generates this post needs to learn language again bc he/she sad "I was in lowes and I notice they was having a job fair" how bout they were having a job fair tard. They talk like this a few times in the post.

Racism may suck but fact is if adults or parents didn't let their kids go out looking like they do for a interview then maybe they would be treated more serious. Not a sermon just a thought.


Always choose to hide behind anonymity. A cowardice act, regardless of race. Why stoop to their level.


After serving my country and serving alongside black, white, yellow, red..the thing that i ever really cared about was if they able perform their jobs. I didn’t judge nor did I consider the race of the person.

There were some that disappointed me and guess what, they were from each race. Some excelled, from each race. What I am trying to say is that we kill ourselves as humans when we look at someone who is different than us and criticize. I am a black male who came up in the inner city.

I didn't know how to speak properly and i didn’t own any decent clothes because we were poor. Like someone who gave me an opportunity, so i do the same regardless of their skin. God made us all and if you have any problems with that please talk to him and stop taking it out on each other. You never know when you might need that other person.

Besides, if we all go back to Africa you will then turn on those with darker skin, or red hair, or maybe anyone else to blame and make yourself feel superior. Why is it that we need someone to always be the "THEM" and not realizing that the "THEM" is us.

When does it end. Sadly…when the world ends.

Love is a constant with no shadow of variableness


Typical black person to use the race card.


i happen to stumble onto this site. i was looking for something at lowe's....

i am very upset over the comments that have been typed here. the nerve of anyone making fun of another human being. but guess what, when you lay your head on the pillow tonight, and you are all alone, think about what you have said about a creation from our heavenly Father, every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord. God bless all of you and I hope and pray that you will try to be more like Christ, who loved everyone.

i may not like things that you say and do, but i would never hate you for a color of your skin, how you talk, or your actions. again.....i may not like your actions, but i am commanded by my heavenly Father to love you.


I pray that ALL of you repent and learn to LOVE one another as Jesus loved us! All of this racism, profanity, and people trying to place themselves on a higher level than other people is nothing but the works of the Devil!

You are condemning yourselves to *** by your actions, and way of thinking! Who cares if someone cant speak proper English or dress high class. They are not the ones in trouble. YOU are when you ridicule, talk negative about them, and be racist toward them.

That goes for all people. no matter what color u are. You can respond however you want but just remember This life you are living is only Temporary! And how you spend it here and how you treat people will determine where you will spend eternity!

Oh and if you don't know... *** is real!

So I hope you all take what i said into consideration! Life would be so much better if we learn to love each other and get along!


amazing how the internet has given racist a forum to operate behind the scene.

stand up and become a real citzen or shut the *** up!!!


you people are really hostile...

First, he never said he was mad that he didnt get the job, he was mad that he heard this comment. so making fun of his grammar and slang is just to satisfy your inner racist.

Second, he said they were dressed well so why are you talking about how bad black people dress for interviews, you just wanted to share that with us? this isnt a forum to complain about other races. so please, save that for your clan meeting.

Third.... What exactly is your argument with this guy? that a manager should be able to call a group of black males drugdealers??? If they are not qualified then they should not be hired. At no point should they be called drugdealers.

go ahead and make fun of my grammar

and i am white by the way, not that it matters


Can we all just get along..... Lol!!

Now that *** was funny. No Matter What They Will Always Suck.

Black,White who cares.. Red is what we all bleed.


Maybe if you learned to speak English properly you'd have better luck finding a job in which you deal with the public. Your comment is filled with grammatical errors that, I am certain, are reflected in your spoken language.

I am a Southerner from Mississippi and I speak with a severe Mississippi Delta accent. However, I speak in my "native" accent only at home and around friends.

In public and in my professional life, I speak correct, unaccented English. You should try it.


Unbelievable in day that people are still trying this ***. I have been shopping in that store for over ten years.

No where close to what you are saying. Get a life


Another ***-*** lazy *** that wants to blame the "man" for his inability to achieve! More than half of the employees at this store are ***...certainly, and I wish he was, Wayne was a racist, then there would be a lot less *** working at this store.


to the clown with the naam sayin. ok, you got your attention with that nonsense,but, don't slip up and let me catch with that condescending attitude on the streets. it will get your *** torn off real proper!


I have been with Lowes three years. We hire anyone and everyone.Most diverse group of employees of any place I worked.

Any race,sex,age,religion or sexual orientation is welcome.There are bad apples in every barrel,don't crucify the whole company.