Columbia, South Carolina
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Poor Customer Services. I talked with and posted follow-up, and still these people can't get it together.

I had three items to be deliverd to my home. Gave them my work number to call, because I work 15 minutes from home. They called my home and even my mother in another town an hour away, but would not call the designated number (me at work). I called the store when I never heard from them, was put on hold repeatedly, and hung-up on repeatedly by an assistant mgr.

(Becky). She never gave my work number to delivery or the mgr as requested, so the mgr (Tim) left messages for me at home??? My husband called and got the same run-around. We were even told by Becky that she could not take messages for the manager.

He then said that his staff would never behave this way...and we are the only people to ever have this issue.

This just is irritating and prompts us complaining on line. An apology would be better...take responsibility...train your staff!

Monetary Loss: $900.

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Dallas, Texas, United States #569255

Why did they have the other numbers to call? Your story reminds me of Swiss cheese!! I'm just doing my job, protecting and serving retail associates

to RetailCop #582043

Lowes employee? Every post you have made is on Lowes comments.

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