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I bought my appliance on Black Friday over the phone with the website. No one warned that the installation cost was $60 more than Home Depot.

Then they called and said that the installation service demanded $12 more for a fuel surcharge. The scheduling was to take place at a later phone call, but they were mostly unavailable to call me and impossible to phone (no phone number given out). They have to call you so it took weeks to coordinate. You must be at your home phone at 8 am the day of delivery.

Only then will they call and tell you the delivery time. Not the day before with a window of time. You cannot call them. If you don't answer the phone at 8 am, you are cancelled.

No Saturday deliveries and you are not told this in advance at the point of sale.

It has taken about 3 weeks and I just gave up and cancelled the order. This is no way to treat a customer.

Monetary Loss: $60.

  • Appliance delivery scam
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I strongly agree with the anonymous reply on Dec 19th. But I do want to add one thing to that.

If it was the Delivery Dept they can't give you a time the day before, they have to route and load there trucks at the crack of dawn day of delivery, that is why they ask you to call them at 8ish the day of delivery, that's when they can give you a ballpark window. You have to understand that they have to route there trucks to where they can make sure all customers get there delivery for the day. People act like they are the only person getting a delivery that day. Delivery drivers sometimes have to take apart fridges in order to get them inside and then put them back together.

Some stops are time consuming and some are quick.

So therefore they don't have that kind of time to wait around. Some of these drivers push DOT regulation time as it is already


First off, Lowe's does do Saturday deliveries. Second, if you don't answer the phone call, your delivery is not cancelled.

If they call you many times and cannot get a hold of you, they will have to reschedule. They can't sit around all day waiting for you when you should be expecting the delivery. Also, they are not going to come to your house if you don't answer in case you forgot about it and are not home. Also, because your review is vague, I'm not sure if you meant that you did not get the phone number for the installer or for the delivery service, but you have to realize that these people do not work for Lowe's; they are contracted.

Lowe's cannot just simply give out phone numbers. Finally, you stated that it was about 3 weeks..

you wrote your review two weeks and a day after Black Friday. Get your facts straight before giving a bogus review.


A person with a little common sense would have checked on delivery and installation BEFORE they made the purchase. Why would you ASSUME anything about the charges for delivery and installations or even schedules. It's your own fault that you didn't ask before you bought.