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Lowes in Memphis, Tennessee - Can Not Install the Refreigerator I bought from Them and Tell Me They Don't Know What to Do

I have had the worst experience with Lowes of any store I have dealt with ever. Specifically I am dealing with the Lowes in Memphis, TN on Winchester. I went to the store looking for a refrigerator and they convinced me that a Bosch Linea cabinet depth fridge was an excellent model and I purchase a model at what I think is a good deal. They can only schedule the delivery a week out which is fine I can wait. The day that they delivered the fridge they essentially just brought it into the space in my kitchen on a dolly put it on the floor, and start to push it into place at which point it starts making a horrendous noise which they insist is perfectly normal and then they leave. I should have watched them more closely and I would have known that not only did they not level the fridge at all but they also pushed the fridge into place with a large metal plate protruding from the bottom scraping my hard wood floor. And there are now parts on the bottom the fridge tha look like they are getting crushed. I call Lowes back to complain and they say they will send another guy out right away. So a couple hours later this guy arrives by himself when really this is a two man job to begin with and he looks at the fridge tells me he can't level it but that he will contact the manager to have him call me to schedule another person to fix it but in the process of trying to level it he has put the fridge extremely high in the front and very low in the back. The manager calls me back and says that he can't get someone to come out until Wednesday morning (this is on Sunday by the way). So over the period of Monday and Tuesday the fridge starts to make loud noises intermittenly which I can only assume is due to the angle of the fridge and what occured during delivery. So I wait all morning on Wednesday and no one ever shows up. I call later and speak with an assistant manager as the store manager is on vacation and she says they can replace the fridge and she will call me back. I don't hear from her for a couple hours so I call back and she says she can't bring another fridge that I have to call the Lowes service 800 number. I do so and the prompts on thei automated system just send my call to Bosch who promptly tells me this is an installation issue and I have to contact Lowes. I all the same mamager back and she says she is sure I should call the service number but will do it for me and call me back. I wait another hour and no word from her so i call her again. This time she tells me the Lowes service said this would be fine and I should just call this authorized Bosh aplliance repair company. I call them and they tell me that no they only have an agreement with Bosch, this is a Lowes Installation issue and if I have them come out it would be out of my pocket. I call the manager back and tell her this and she tells me that she does not know what to do. So now I am stuck in a situation where I have a fridge that is just getting worse, the Lowe's installers don't know how to install or fix the Bosch fridge they sold me and the Lowe's Management won't help me even though it is entirely their installers fault by their own admitance.
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sorry ur having such a problem i work in delivery for lowes in nashville and what ur describing is not lowes policy that we do our team always makes sure the customers appliance is level and in good working order and never or try our hardest to never damage a customers home and if we have the unit in stock it goes out the next day no question sounds like ur just dealing with one bad store not all r like that

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Lowes Installation

Lowes in Albany, New York - Lowe's botched installed tile job

We paid Lowe's to install a rather large tile job in our home after we expereinced a toilet back-up and flood. Neeldess to say, after 4 months the tiles began popping up as the temperature changed outside. All of the tiles on the whole job are now either loose or make a crunching egg shell sound as you walk acrossed them. Lowe's has been in to examine the job with their installer and is now refusing to repair the installation stating there is moisture in the floor and that is why the warranty is void. They popped up 2 tiles in different areas an stated they took a moisture reading of 90%. I am not sure how this is possbile? There is no water anywhere to be found. We now have our lawyer involved and are preparing for legal action.
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I suggest more fiber in your diet in the future to prevent these horrible backups. By the way, if you back your car into a tree and the bumper falls off, its not the autoworkers fault ***!!!

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Lowes Installation

Lowes Sux

We bought a new door from Lowes-it leaked. We had one of their techs come out and check it, he said it was water running under a factory made adjustable strip, not installation fault. He adjusted it as best he could-but said would still leak a bit(on our brand new hardwood floor) also said he would make a report to the corporate offices. We called looking for satisfaction-since we bought defective product, they denied fault and claim. All they really denied was the rest of out lifetime in business, we just moved in and are in the middle of major renovations--none of which will involve their company's product. We will make sure to tell their competitors they have Lowe's shortsightedness to thank for all the business......
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Have a complaint?

Contact Lowe's CEO Robert Niblock directly at his home.

What a guy!


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Lowes Installation

Lowes completely screwed up my orders more than once.

I ordered a dishwasher on-line from Lowes just before Christmas of 2008. It was to be delivered in about 7-10 business days. After 2 weeks went by and no dishwasher, I called to inquire. I was told it was being shipped that day and I should have it within the next 24 hours. 2 days later I still had no dishwasher, so I called again. After repeating this multiple times, they figured out that there was an error with the way the on-line system processed the order. I was credited for the charge, rebilled the same amount, and given a different dishwasher that was in stock. They put me down for delivery, but not installation (as I requested), so I then had to find someone who could install it for me. Here we are a year later and the dishwasher that I never received is still showing on my account as being shipped to my house. I found this out because I was trying to order a garbage disposal on-line and was declined the ability to purchase it on my Lowes card because my payment was 12 days late (apparently grace periods are a thing of the past). When I called to inquire about the issue, I spent close to an hour on the phone (between hold and dealing with someone who didn't have a clue what he was doing), and was eventually disconnected while on hold. I e-mailed their customer service department about the situation and was told I would need to call and speak directly to customer service. I told them I tried that. I'm DONE with Lowes!
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Lowes Installation

Lowes Floor Installation RipOff

Had a tile floor installed by Lowes and the installation was very bad. Lowes gave us a very hard time to fix the problem and after one year they refunded some of our money. Numerous tiles were not level, grout was not installed correct and some tiles are loose. Make sure you watch the workman or better, have a Home Inspector stop in a fews times to check up on them. If there are any problems have the home inspector write a report and make sure to take pictures. I thought by Lowes doing the Install I would get a very Professtional job, but the results were like I hired a Handyman and I payed double what a handyman would charge
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maybe someone needs to figure out that a company like Lowe's is not set up to do jobs right. They are not accountable for their subs the way a local store is.


you had no problem taking the money in return which is shut the *** up money!!!! Lowes always caters to the customer it makes me sick to see the same a== h000les get money for mistakes as a human take the money u have no right to complain asnd there are many happy customers ty for your time ***


you all suck ***


Reply to: Bio]-[azard

I guess you work for Lowes? Thats really sick for you to say I wanted them to fail or shovel food in my mouth. This is the last floor I will ever have, why would I want it to look bad? I think you have a Personality Complex.

I paid double the price to get a Normal Job done. I have tiles with lippages all over and a lot of the tiles have very little glue and some are loose and you say I am at fault? We were very patient with the contractors, they promised to be done in two weeks for the holiday and took about one month.

You say I must have a lot of time on my hands to write a small complaint. It takes no more time than writing an e mail and you had the time to reply, so what are you talking about? Yes they gave me a very small refund to have the shoddy work they did fixed.

If you do work for Lowes, try to stop running away from customers that need help in your store, do it as a New Years Resolution because like you said "KARMA IS A B".

>Written by Bio]-[azard, on 21-12-2009 >08:33

>I believe that when -some- people go into >the retail chain to get things (ie; >Lowe's), they're wanting them to fail in >some sort of way. You know as Consumers >that you're "always right" and we live in >a world that expects people to shovel >food into our mouths for us. The fact >that you would take the time to post on >here, shows that you have too much time >and you infact were looking for >attention. I'm sure as you said, they did >give you the money; but that's because >they do value you. Merry Christmas and >Karama is a B.


I believe that when -some- people go into the retail chain to get things (ie; Lowe's), they're wanting them to fail in some sort of way. You know as Consumers that you're "always right" and we live in a world that expects people to shovel food into our mouths for us.

The fact that you would take the time to post on here, shows that you have too much time and you infact were looking for attention.

I'm sure as you said, they did give you the money; but that's because they do value you. Merry Christmas and Karama is a B.


No they did install backer board. They made lippages on the corners(can't spell it).

Had another guy from Lowes check it out and he said the tiles he pulled did not have the proper amount of adhesive. Never install epoxy Grout because they smeared it on the tiles and it is almost impossible to get it off.

I spent $26,000 bucks, so I was not looking to save. Lowes almost doubles the quote of the guy that actually does the job


several tiles not level? The subfloor is the issue...Did they install durock or hardibacker or did you opt out on paying for those items before purchasing the install?


Easy there Jimmy. If the description in the complaint doesn't apply to you then don't worry about it.

Your comment about inferior skills is at best disinegenious. I am a pharmaceutical scientist, I don't puff up my chest b/c you don't know how to test your prescription drugs. I've never considered someone w/o my expertise to be inferior. You've got a confidence problem my friend.

The simple fact is when we pay for a service we expect some quality controls to be in place. Given the number of rip-off artists in home remodeling and the lack of oversight, it seems very plausible that consumers are going to be taken advantage of.

Get over it.


Sorry about insulting the Handyman label. Its just that around my area, all kinds of nuts that have no skills go into the Handyman business; this was from the Housing Bubble.

Lowes did have their people come out once and a while to check on the contractor, but the people they sent to check them did not know what they were looking at.

Well my contract said the work had to be corrected, but I had a hard time getting them to fix it.


Hey Spike,Hiring a handyman, will get you a professional job nitwit.You say it like a handyman does inferior work. I was a "professional" remodeler for 26 years before turning the biz over to my two sons.Now I have a small handyman service but still posess the same skills as the "professionals" as you like to call them.The only one with inferior skills here is you, given the fact you couldn't do the tile yourself.ButI digress,when hiring LOWES to do any installation always remember, Lowes doesn't do the work, they sub contract work, to any one of numerous contractors on their list.To get on their list all you need is liability insurance($515.00) and in my state a contractors lisc.($90.00).Sometimes Lowes doesn't know what a contractor can do until it's too late, and your the guinea pig.It was in plain english on your contract.Along with a paragraph absolving them of liability should the work not be correct.Maybe some reading lessons should be your main focus.

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Lowes Installation

Lowes in Kirkland, Washington - Lowe's 1 Day Appliance Delivery Promise is a SHAM

Lowe's advertises that they will install an appliance the next day. I am on day 8 and despite calling them several times I still do not have a date for the installation. It's also odd that JD Powers gives them a great rating yet JD Powers doesn't allow you to give them any feedback about Lowes (or any company for that matter). Did Lowes pay JD Powers for this rating? Both of these companies are liars and I will never do business with Lowes again nor will I ever pay any attention to JD Powers ratings. JD Powers is just another form of marketing that is bought and paid for.
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I did read the fine print, I just went to the store, picked out a washer, and YES the associate verified that they had 3 in stock. I live 5 miles from the store.

They told me delivery would be August 12th, almost 3 weeks away! I asked about the free next day delivery and was told "that's never going to happen".

I can get the same washer for the same price from Home Depot, the only reason I went to Lowe's was for the next day delivery. False advertising!


The policy says clearly it's only for in stock items purchased in the store by 4pm.


Yep! I'm having an issue with Lowes delivery service.

Promise not kept. Still waiting till they figure out how to fix it! Totally unacceptable! Nobody even called me to notify me that they had an issue!

Anyway my washer/dryer never arrived on the promise date 7/10/15! Manager will call me on 7/11/15 unacceptable!

to see what can be done! I am so upset!


You should have read the fine print before wasting your time on this review. If you pay close attention to the signage that says "FREE Next Day Delivery", you will notice an asterisk at the end of the phrase.

Now, what this means, you can have your next day delivery if it is AVAILABLE.

Also, if you have an installation, that is scheduled through an installer (contracted), so take your complain to them. People like you give the good guys bad reputations.


It really is deceiving. There is no way I can deliver/install 30 appliances that were sold the day before in a 75 mile radius in under 14 hours.

If anyone is expecting 'next day delivery', it will be unlikely. Just be patient.


Why should we patient. We pay for a service now if you people lie, in order to have people pay and then

get the run around. You are the last point of contact so to bad.


I bought a refrigerator from Lowe's online in the middle of May. It wasn't supposed to be in stock for about a month (June 12 to be exact), which was not a problem, but I got an automated call several hours after ordering it telling me delivery was going to be the next day.

But the delivery people never showed up. I found out after calling Lowe's that, as their website stated, the refrigerator is not in stock.

So then, why did their delivery company call to tell me that it was going to be delivered?? I later found out from Lowe's that when an appliance is ordered online, the delivery company's computer system automatically calls the customer to tell them that it will be delivered the next day.

The delivery company never bothers to call back when they realize they won't be able to deliver. I have received at least five automated calls telling me delivery has been scheduled for the next day, but now I know to call Lowe's each time to find out if the refrigerator is actually in stock yet.

I have wasted hours on hold with the delivery company and Lowe's, and I still don't have my refrigerator. I'm sure it will be in stock around June 12, but in the meantime, I get a call from the delivery company every couple of days telling me they will be delivering the next day.

What kind of system is this??

@Unbelievable Ordeal

There is no "delivery company", there are lowe's employees that will deliver appliances when they come in. Delivery drivers have no control over when your appliance comes in, anyway. Instead of waiting on the "delivery company", you should have talked to an appliance associate.


You aren't even addressing the issue here - the main issue is their misleading automated calls.


I use to go to lowes. A week ago my mother bought a dryer.

They said they could not deliver till Tuesday. I asked that it arrive before 1. My mom has radiation at 2. No problem.

Well on Tuesday we get a call it will be around 1. I cancelled the order.

I bet some of the orders were made after we bought our dryer. Hello Home Depot


Lowe's does not give specific delivery times. That is why they give you the morning or afternoon slot.

Find a time, make sure you are home, and you can have your dryer.

It is impossible to set a specific time, because there is no way to determine how long any one delivery will take. Use common sense!


Do you really think Home Depot is any different? Having purchased appliances at both I can tell you they aren't.

No store that is making more than one delivery a day can guarantee an exact delivery time. There are far too many things that can pop up during the day that can set the schedule off.


Lowes only offers next day delivery on IN STOCK internet :) orders. I know because I deliver appliances for lowes


No because I just bought an in stock freezer and the soonest they said they could deliver is in a week


Ordered a GE refrigerator on July 8 2013. Lowes called on July 18 to schedule delivery. We scheduled for Monday, July 22 2013. After storing food in coolers, at noon I called Lowes and asked for an approximate delivery time. This was the point where I was told the refrigerator was at the store and not out for delivery. Having taken one day off of work, I was not about to take another!

I was told they might be able to get it here on Tuesday, but Wednesday or Thursday was more likely.

Went down to the store, got a refund for a $1600.00 refrigerator and service plan.

Also returned "My Lowes card" as I will NEVER shop with this company again! :( :( :(


I bought a refrigerator on Friday morning because mine died Thursday. They promised next day delivery and even called with a delivery time.

Hubby took all of the food out of the still cold refrigerator (frozen stuff at the neighbors) and took the doors off and the front door off to get it out. Lowe's calls at the maximum time they would be here and asks if it will be inconvenient to deliver the next day. I said yes..all of my food is out and waiting for you all to arrive and the door is off the house. He said ok..we will be there in two hours.

In two hours they call and say they aren't coming.

Over 200 dollars worth of food now ruined. I'm suing.


you all shoulda went to sears


Read their signs completely gang. It say "next Day Free Delivery see associate for details." Your not reading the signs completely.


There are always going to be limitations to every policy. If a store has 2 delivery trucks and 25 appliances are sold each day for 3 days, there is a limit to how many can be delivered and installed honoring the "next day guarantee." Managers prioritize the deliveries of customers whose refrigerators/freezers have quit over your dishwasher or dryer. The problem lies in the fact that consumers have become so insatiable that they feel the need to blow up over being "inconvenienced." Its a breath of fresh air when a customer actually understands that things happen and is willing to compromise without demanding compensation.


Bull *** with your compromise talk. Lowes makes a promise and when they do not follow through with their promise then to make it worse rarely convey information with the consumer makes them a bad seller. I think most people are willing to make some compromises if a store is going to be up front with them and COMMUNICATE with the buyer.


Bought a fridge on Saturday in Columbia, SC and ask for next day delivery and both the salesmen laughted. They said they could deliver on Thursday at the earliest.

I said your ad says next day free delivery and they said they had 1 driver and Thursday was as soon as I could get it.

Then they said I could pick it up myself but to call and give them 24 hours to get it to the front of the store for me to pick up. What happen to the buy by phone and pick up 20 minutes later promise??


It doesn't matter if an "ignorant" customer didn't read the fine print on next-day delivery - being given an "Oh. We don't know.

It'll get here when it gets here" for a week is unacceptable customer service.

They should at LEAST know what day the item will get to their store, the employees can put in the order while you stand there and immediately know which truck it will be on. I know this from experience.

And yes I AM writing this two years late, for those consumers who can still benefit from this post :)


Definitely a sham. I was purchasing gas stove, standing next to a sign that said next day delivery and hookup.

Salesman told me" By the way we don't hookup gas dryers" "OK". He printed out he ticket and told me it would be delivered in a week. I said what about the sign "next day delivery".

He said we don't have but one truck driver it will be a week. I told him to keep it, I won't need it in a week.


Maybe you guys just have very *** lowes where you live because I have never had a problem everything gets shipped when they say and everything. I love my lowes.

@Not all Lowes are bad. Sorry y

I have to agree here, if I ordered a garden hose over the phone and went to pick it up later in the day to be told it would be there in a week, I would be upset because it is just a garden hose. But if I'm buying a range or a fridge; something I will be using for years and years and years, what difference does it make if I get it today or a week from today.

I'm very loyal to my local Lowes because they are always friendly and are always willing to price match whatever discount, online only warehouse store price I can dig up for any given item. And no, I don't work there or even know anyone who does.


My wife and I purchased a washer/dryer set from Lowes last week and were told it would be delivered the next day.

I arranged to work from home that day with my company so I could be available to accept the delivery. We got 3 automated calls the night before delivery that the washer/dryer would be delivered the next day between 2pm and 4pm. Great! So I stay home from work the next day....9am rolls around and Lowes calls us saying the appliances aren't even in stock, never made it to the delivery company and won't be available until next week.

We are STILL waiting 1 week later for delivery. This will be the last time I EVER shop at Lowes.


I bought a refrigerator from Lowe's on 9/3/10. The salesgirl stated there were three in stock.

I was told they would deliver on 9/5 (well more than the 24 hours after purchase for DELIVERY, but whatever). So I get a call at 8:30 AM on Sunday 9/5, saying they'll deliver my fridge between 3 and 6 pm. I sit there from 1:30 to 7pm. No fridge, no calls, nothing (I had dinner plans I was late for because of this, and had to *** work).

I call today, 9/6, and am told they don't know what happened, but they'll call me back within a half hour. Three hours go by. I call back, only to simply be told they'll deliver it tomorrow 9/7 (that's what they said was in the comp, though my paperwork proves it was supposed to be on 9/5) and call in the morning to let me know when - no apologies, no explanations whatsoever. I told them I have to work tomorrow and already wasted one afternoon on them, so to make sure they schedule me for late afternoon (again)as it's the least inconvenient to me.

If it's not there tomorrow, I'm requesting a refund (or will call my CC company), and purchase from a locally owned business, which I should have done anyway, but didn't because I wanted the fridge right away. I went through *** with them a few years ago down south regarding a hot water heater, where they simply never showed up TWICE, but thought that was a one time problem, apparently not. Lowe's really needs to improve customer sercive, and seriously get it's act together.

I shouldn't have to *** work twice and not have calls returned (or made at all), and even worse with no apologies at all! CLEARLY the Lowe's employee who posted here needs to get THEIR facts straight, and obviously doesn't know what they are talking about, seems to be common there!


just purchased a washing machine, stove, refrigerater, and dishwasher on separate trips over the last three months. Each was delivered and installed within 24 hours. Guess I just got lucky>:)


Almost anyone who is going into Lowe's because of their "next day delivery" ads is also expecting installation. Lowe's knows that, and is counting on people coming into the store because of the "next day delivery" ads, and then buying anyway because they are already there.

That is a marketing ploy that closely borders on a sham. This is not the customers' fault, and Lowe's should know (and certainly does by now) that if they are going to pull that kind of ploy they are going to have angry people out there.


A few other things. I'm holding in my hand the Lowe's Appliance Buyers' Guide -- a pamphlet you can pick up at your local store which details the various options the consumer has when making a purchase. On the the first page of the guide (after the cover) they lay out in big bold leters the "Lowe's Appliance Advantage" promise:

* Guaranteed Low Price (match other stores)

* 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed -- repair, replace or refund if not happy in 30 days.

* Delivery... This is now a direct quote " Next-day local delivery + haul away + hookup. Any day you want it, 7 days a week. See an associate for details"

And this is where they get in trouble. The associate is supposed to tell you what does and does not apply. Mine didn't tell me a darn thing and their take is that I have to prove that to them. HA!

I didn't even mention that once I finally got the thing installed 5 days later, it broke down completely after 4 weeks. I have asked for a full refund but they are telling me that I would have to bring the dish washer to the store to get the refund. Either that or pay them to come uninstall it.


The exact same thing happened to me. I was told AFTER THE PURCHASE and missed delivery date that next day delivery doens't apply to anyhting but water heaters, which is nice to know, but completely in violation of the contract and all of the marketing materials they have plastered all over their store.

Go look yourself. See if you can find anything that tells you anything other than guiarnteed next day delivery and installation on all in-stock appliances. Their cop out is that the sales person is suppoed to tell you they don't really mean it, but my guy didn't tell me and I don't think it matters anyway.

It's in writing. He can say anything he wasts, it's what's in the contract that matters.


No where in any print,radio or t.v. ads does it state next day installation.

It simply states next day delivery on instock appliances. If you assumed there would be a service provided that wasnt,thats unfortunate.


"next day installation" is NOT a sham. I was promised delivery of refrigerator by a certain time and with a promise it would have a left-hand handle.

I tried calling the delivery people several times in the afternoon and when I fanally got someone, I was told, "they go home at 4:00" it was 4:15.

I was VERY annoyed since I was told the delivery date and had cleaned out my 'fridge and disconnected it. The dept manager and another employee delivered it at just around 5:00 with a right hand handle.


You are not telling the entire story. You are telling it so that you seem to be a victim.

In 95 per cent of these cases, the customer does not know what they are talking about.

Lowes does not do next day installations! They will deliver an INSTOCK appliance order the next day.

Get you facts straight.


Lowe's dosn't care. It's a fact!

Sounds like Lowe's PR making the above comment?????? :zzz


Lowes offers Next Day Delivery on In Stock Appliances. But are talking about Installation which is different The only Next Day Installation Lowes offers is on Water Heaters if purchased by noon. There has to be more to your story than this

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Lowes Installation

Lowes Door Installation Process & Customer Service

I called Lowes to do a door install. The first step is to call and set up a time for them to come measure which I did. I gave the item number of the door that resembled mine to the person on the phone to note down. I had to pay $35 for them to start and they would deduct that out of the installation. The came out and measured, then I was called with prices and very short discussion about fiberglass or steel. The item number I gave them was for a steel half door with glass that replaced the one being removed for $139. When he called and asked about fiberglass I said that I would just use the steel one I picked for $139. Then we had to go in the store to sign the contract. I went in and met with a guy in the millwood department and he pulled the contract out and gave me the total. I was never shown the product but the price was correct so I thought it was the same door I gave them the product number for and asked where the $35 credit was. He stated that he didnt know about the contracts and he had to get help and he did. I was told that the contract was re worked and they left off the credit, but when I paid it was given to me. So it all sounded fine to me... Price was what I wanted when I found the door online, and I got my credit back. When they came to install it was a solid steel door. I had a steel door with a window. I said that was not the right door, and they stated that this was the door in the contract that I signed so the door was installed as i felt backed into a corner. I should have stopped them but I felt that since I had signed I had no choice. So I called the next day when I was back at work with all my notes and got mad to realize that the sales guy gave me the wrong door so I called. The supervisor stated that I was shown the product when I signed the contract and there was nothing they would do. I told her I was never shown a door when I signed and that the guy who was there when I signed didnt even know how to read the contract. She said their policy is alway show the product before a contract is written, well I did everything over the phone and was never told to come in to see the door. I have never had a repair done so I thought the part number was good enough. I can not get anyone to help me with this other than to be told I was shown a door when I signed and that was the end of that. Shop another store as they don't care about customer service. I was going to have them replace all the carpet and tile, buy all the paint I needed and all the material to get my house ready to sell. Not anymore.
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hello, I just had my new back strom door installed today. On time and done more than just a great job.

Mr. Gary clifton was a true professional at has work.

Thank you lowes for picking him to work for lowes. Curtis hairston


I agree with Murrill, as an installer we want the customer to be as happy as possible. That starts with verifying that the product we have there to install is the right style/model, right size, and not damaged.

I am more concerned with my paycheck than your product, but that is paid through trip charges when people at the store waste my time.


Lowes Reynoldsburg, oh salesmann Jim L. tried to pull the same stunt with me that I didn't get refunded for my detail $35 charge that it went to the man that came out to measure.

They also gave me my money back as a cash credit at customer service. He was a real ***!


What is the price to replace front entry door 36" and Storm Door in the Fort Myers FL 33905 area?



Mistakes are made everyday by everyone. If the product was incorrect you shoul have refused it.

I am a general contractor as well as Lowes installer and I always verify that I have the correct product prior to job install.

I go as far as testing a picture if my customer is not home. As well as you refusing your installer should have been more concerned about your product being right than his paycheck.


I had a storm door installed by Steve Barker and am very satisified with his work. Am waiting for main front entry door to be delievered in early Dec.

and Steve will install that door at that time. Thanks


go buy the prehung door you wanted,pull the hinge pins on both doors swap the doors and take the other door back to lowes.


That is kinda dumb of you to purchase something over the phone and not think you should at least ask to see a picture of it when you signed the contract. You shouldn't take a strangers word. The item numbers could have changed or their could have been a computer error.

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Lowes Installation

Lowes in Sacramento, California - Lowe's - bad installation - huge lawsuit - legal tactics

Hi - our family is involved in a huge lawsuit with Lowe's Home Improvement Warehouse. To see our story about an installation that caused us to have to move from our home for 14 months and that made our family sick.... go to I am shocked at what we have gone through and they recently subpoenaed our FaceBook Records... in our opinion it is a bullying tactic. This has now been going on for 3 years. The beginning tells it all... I reported our problem to Lowe's and they only turned it in to their insurance after I complained to the Better Business Bureau 2 MONTHS later! I hope no one gets stuck in the same position we are. Please go to our site. Thanks!
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I'm surprised lowes didn't fix the issue for you. I work for lowes as a kitchen designer and anytime an issue occurs they take care of it and will pay for the redo and give money back. Now lowes CEO is laying of tens of thousands of employees because of all the lawsuits.


I have asthma and my kids now have allergies to mold from a bad roof install back in 2011. I have been fighting them 6.5 years.

Advanced engineering said Lowe's waso 100% responsible and Classic construction hired by Lowe's after they admitted guilt said they house was too damaged by black mold to repair and must come down.

I was forced to live in my back yard with two little boys in a tiny 19 foot camper going on our second Christmas without room for a tree. I am still today fighting with everything I have to those low life bastards!


I am currently locked in 8 month battle with them over a door installation that has caused mositure to get under the flooring and mold


Been there, Done that. My lawsuit was different.

I was injuried by a product, that they had damaged, while in storage. The lawsuit was in the court system for six yrs. At trial they had over 6 layers in the court room. That about all I can say.

They will come after my family. If I say to much. No joke.

That what the lawyer told me. Check out



Hi Bill - the reason I started the website after the Facebook Subpoena... apparently you chose to make a comment without reading the case.


You have your own website regarding your litigation case against Lowes and you're surprised that they would subpoena your facebook information? Geez.....

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Lowes Installation
Okay- bought carpet to be installed from Lowe's. After it took 14 days to get an installer here- they proceeded to GLUE the carpet to our 100 year old PINE hardwood floors (oh did I mention that our property is Historical?)...I walked in with about 3 feet undone...
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I bought carpeting from Lowe's and it is all waving and puckering.

Lowes was contacted time and again and will do ZERO to fix it.

They wrecked the job worse after each "Inspection" and will not fix it.

DO NOT buy carpeting here, they will NOT help you and WILL not fix it.

I promise you.

Thank you.

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Lowes Installation

Lowes in Stone Mountain, Georgia - Lowe's Kitchen Cabinets

In November I took in two sets of Cad originated drawings for kitchen cabinets to acquire an estimate. The 'design specialists' showed us the door design and colors available. The design 'specialist' stated a specific manufacturer would be the cabinet supplier We then finalized the selections and and asked them to come to our home and measure the installation so as there would be no error. The design 'specialist'and install manager came out and measured. The installation was to be finalized prior to 12/31/2008. As of this writing 2/5/2009 the installation is not complete. The design 'specialist' and measuring totally "screwed up" and this has required our total costs to increase. NEVER AGAIN!
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#52499 any other Lowe's Specialists smell something funny here? Sounds like we are dealing with a "Complaint Specialist" who has been caught in his own story, as we Lowe's associates know that it is the INSTALLER who goes out for the site check and measure, NOT the Specialist! Me thinks there's a lot more to this story that the "Complaint Specialist" is leaving out!


had installer come for a measurment to install vinyl flooring. 24x9!

Installer wants 897.00 total for labor.

521.00 for underlayment/ 324.00 to spread the glue even though it is no glue vinyl! 67.00 to restretch carpet and wow im geting f__ked


I agree, this story sounds a little odd. I am currently an Install Sales Manager for lowes and my specialist nore I NEVER go out to do a measurement. SOS cabinets take 4-6 weeks to arrive so there is no way possible it would have been installed that quickly.


Your Story sounds a little inconsistent , you said you provided the drawings? So it was based on your own measurements? did you pay for a measure.?

Why would the Specialist and Install Manager measure. If the Installer is the one that measures before your purchase? By the way special Order Cabinets do take 4 to 6 weeks to arrive.or Did you buy stock cabinets?

If you did then you where responsible for your own measurements,Lowe's does not Install stock cabinets. Home Depot is the only Company that sends the Designer for the first measure to the Home For a refundable fee Lowe's sends an Installer.

I have worked at both Companies andAll designs are checked before the sale is finalized.

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Lowes Installation