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Lowes - Incredible poor install

Lowes installs are subbed out. They do this to protect themselves. This are a big company that will beat you down with complication. Did you pay everything up front? Did you sign a contract that you didn't read? It means that they are not responsible. Ask how they choose there contractors. Ask what training the go through. They will tell you ,its all guaranteed. Pellas guarantee, is if the install is acording to their specs. Lowes install won't meet that requirement, so they are clear of their guarantee. I paid $17,000 in April 2019 this is Oct 2019, still waiting. Run Run Run.
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In everything in life you need to read contracts. You and only you are responsible for that.

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Lowes Installation
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Lowes - No information till i called

I bought a dishwasher on Tuesday 3/12 and set up for installation service that they assured would be more than a few days. I waited until Friday and called since I had heard nothing and they said they would have the installer call to set a date bun no call so I called 3 times today 3/18 and finally got call but the install date is 3/25, about 2 weeks after I bought it. I WAS PLANNING TO UPDATE A NUMBER OF MY APPLIANCES BUT WHEN I DO IT WILL NOT BE THROUGH LOWES….
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Lowes Installation
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Lowes - Installation Review from Swedesboro, New Jersey

I purchased carpet/runner for my new home and it was to be installed in two separate visits. The carpet was installed without issue however the runner installation has become a DISASTER. The 3rd party installers called my husband to schedule installation for Thurs June 11 from 2-5pm. By 3 pm no one had arrived and my husband called the installers and they were closed. At 5 pm my husband called Lowes and was told he would be called back. When he was called back he was told they were an hour late (would be there at 6pm). No one called to tell us this before and we had to pick up our kids from school so could not wait for the installers. My husband is in sales so if he is not working he is not making money and he took off 3 hours to sit and wait as schedules for the installers who never called to say they were late. I came home early from work (and also had to lose money for leaving early to deal with this and get my kids), and spent 45 minutes trying to speak to someone at Lowes to find out what was going on. I was disconnected 3x before I spoke to a person. When I finally spoke to someone I was told that the installers were now running even later and could be there 6:45. I was asked what solution was acceptable and I told them that I was not willing to have my husband wait another 3 hours for installers and that I would need someone to come back with a tighter window and I would want compensation for my time wasted. I was told that someone from the install co. would call me the very next day at 8am (the owner) to reschedule and to offer me compensation. The next day (today) as promised, the owner called me and tried to reschedule for today (Fri), barely apologized for the fact that his installers were running 3 hours late and tried to tell me that they did call to say they were late. Which is a LIE. Neither my husband or I heard from anyone about anything and would not have known they were even late if we hadn't called ourselves. And then of course, he did not offer compensation. I called Lowes immediately and spoke to an assistant Mgr who attempted to resolve this and I then received more calls from install trying to schedule today which I declined and still no offer from anyone for compensation. I then received another call from a different Lowes asst mgr to tell me the best they can do is offer a measly $100 cash payout for my time. My runner was $800!. End result I cancelled the runner. This is too much frustration and too much time wasted. I don't want that lying install co back in my house after the rude treatment I received, nor do I want to do business with Lowes flooring any longer. The time my husband and I wasted dealing with this nonsense yesterday and today is worth more than $100... LOWE'S... SHAME ON YOU!
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Lowes Installation
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Bad quality

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