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I wanted to have the front entry door on my house replaced and rather than seek out contractors myself I decided to try out Lowes installation services where Lowes handles ordering the product and materials as well as hires and manages the contractors to do the work. Worst decision ever. I've never dealt with such incompetence before.

So this 6 month long experience starts out with me at Lowes in their door and window department where they present with me with several catalogs to look through. I select a custom 36 inch fiberglass 3/4 glass door with oak stained finish, 2 3/4 glass sidelites with decorative glass and a full transom window across the top of the door. The transom window had to be custom made since the vendor didn't carry a transom glass that matched the sidelite glass. I also select a 36 inch full view glass storm door. So far so good.

The next thing they do is hire a contractor who they send out to my house to measure the entry before they order the door. I'm told that the door should be built and ready in about a month and then they will let me know when it's done at which point their contractor is suppose to contact me to schedule a day for the install. A month goes by and they indeed call me to let me know the door has arrived at their store and that their contractor will call me the next day to schedule an install.

Now is where everything starts going bad. A week goes by and no call so I call Lowes and ask why their contractor has not called to schedule a time yet and they say they will make sure he does. A few more days go by and their contractor finally decides to call and says it will be a month before he can come to do the install.

A month goes by and I schedule a day off from work to be present at the install as required by the contract that Lowes made me sign. The night before the install I get a phone call from a different contractor telling me that the other contractor decided he didn't have a big enough crew to do the job so he can't do the install. So this *** waits the entire month to decide he can't do it.

This new contractor says it will be a month before he can get out to do the install. Since I already schedule a day off from work I lost 1 vacation day so far. At this point I am obviously getting quite ticked off. I had to call Lowes to inform them of what was going on because they are obviously not managing their own contractors and they were clueless to what was going on.

Another month goes by and the new contractor shows up right after Lowes drops off the door. The door is missing trim pieces and they forgot to include the door handle and deadbolt which I ordered. So I had to call Lowes to bring it out. The contractor had to go to a supplier to find matching trim to replace what was missing from the new door. So the contractor gets the new door installed and gets ready to install the 36 inch storm door only to find out it doesn't fit. The new door was not built to the correct size. They built it with a 34 inch door which made the opening only 31 1/4 inch wide. Minimum building code requires a minimum of 32 inch clearance so our new door does not meet code. So I lost another vacation day. So not only can Lowes not manage their contractors they also can't manage their vendors or they didn't order the correct size. I never got a consistent answer on that.

So since Lowes didn't believe that their contractor can measure correctly they send out a "project specialist" a few days later to confirm that the door does not meet code. A few more days go by and they call and say they are ordering a new door and tell me it shouldn't take more than a few weeks this time. They planned to reuse the custom made transom window already installed to cut down on the build time since it's size won't be affected.

When I asked why nobody thought it would be a good idea to measure the door when it came in and sat in their store for 2 months waiting to be installed I was told it is their policy not to touch any products before it goes to the customer. Great policy geniuses.

A month goes by and no calls from Lowes so I contact them to find out they haven't so much as checked on the progress from their vendor. So they call their vendor and find out they haven't even started on the door and that it will take at least another month and a half to complete the new build. Apparently Lowes can't get them to expedite the order and they are backlogged. Gee I wonder why.

So nearly 2 more months go by and the door arrives at the store again. This time I made sure they measured it before they brought it to my house. They confirmed that the door was 36 inches.

So a few more weeks go by and their contractor shows up once again to do the install. I take another vacation day. Before the contractor takes the door off the truck he decides to recheck ALL the measurements again. Guess what, the door is over 2 inches shorter this time. And guess where they took the 2 inches out of. You guessed it, out of the frame for the transom window which means they cannot reuse the transom window because it won't fit in the new door. There is nothing the contractor can do to fix it.

So at this point I just cancel the order and ask for my money back and for compensation for the 3 vacation days that Lowes cost me. Took weeks to get my money back and another few weeks to get them to compensate me for my time.

During this 6 month long ordeal I had dealt with department managers, assistant store managers and the store manager. It was quite evident the incompetence went all the way up to the top.

I would absolutely not recommend using this Lowes store for any kind of home remodeling or installation services. Save yourself time, money and grief and just hire a contractor directly which is what I get to do now since I still have a door that is not to code installed in my house.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Remodeling.

Monetary Loss: $6800.

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I think a great front door will go a long way in impressing your guests. I got mine custom installed from Heritage Homes of Toronto( http://www.heritagehomedesign.ca/ ).

Got some really good compliments from friends and family and I would suggest their service for anyone out there who is on home renovations. The staff were so warm and friendly and the wood coating was commendable too.

I think there are umpteen number of tutorials on how to plan a custom window or door that's already available online. This blog and the comments might help someone in need I hope.


that never happened!


Don't know why the 36-inch door has to be custom built? It's a standard-size door, beats me.

Usually less than 36-inch door is custom-built.


Be careful with a contractor though, make sure they know how to install the door and provide a warranty in writing. Also compare the door image with the exact product installed.

Some contractors are known to make certain door parts like a brass kickplate, disappear.


Good luck