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I had a bad experience with Lowes window installer missing a whole days work and pay what happened to the customer is always start dealing with subcontractors now you in trouble because they don't care about the company nameit just worry about themselves and the next job they don't care about customer service for now on I'm only going to deal with family

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Installation.

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1st--where did you get the idea that the customer is always right. There are many "customers" that have unreasonable expectations that will never be met.

As far as having a trail store install product for you that is your mistake. You were to lazy to spend the time and hire your own contractor. Yes, it takes time to get bids and talk with the contractors, check references and so on. In the end you would know who is doing your work and what to expect.

Instead you let Lowes send out whoever the had available and now you complain about how the work was done. Shame on you.