East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

I've been seeing quality installers getting ACT15ed which means fired without disclosing a reason. Now my boss and I are getting cut too.

He has been doing it for over 40 years I have about 10 under my belt. Most of our customers say " we heard your the best." And the real people who work in the three stores we cover say it because they know its true and we bend over backwards fixing problems. However many customers are jerked around so much that by the time we get there they are steaming and looking to get money back. So when they get that call to survey the install they give a less than perfect score.

And with their new math, if you don't get a perfect 7 then it knocks it down to a 2? Doesn't make sense.

Well if they want to get rid of the little guys like us because we don't have a warehouse and multiple crews (nevermind that we do quality work) they will be stuck with companies like American Carpet who are mostly ....not American and work for home depot. Then this complaint website will be jumping :-)

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Website.

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I am an installer doing a million plus a year. We do great work.

Been 10 years in the making. Just hire quality people and keep them trained on new products.


They only take that survey when they are pissed. Hardly ever to give a thumbs up.