Augusta, Georgia
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Purchased carpets and laminates from Augusta GA store and the installers stole my husband's wedding band, ate two boxes of oreos out of my pantry (and left the empty containers in the pantry), opened a new box of popcorn and took 2 bags, left off the closet doors they removed to install the carpets, and did not haul off the old flooring. We contacted Lowes and the installer miraculously found the ring at the bottom of a dumpster.

However, the ring was in a room flooring was not even being installed in, so it would have never ended up in a dumpster. The lead installer returned the ring and when shown where the ring was, stated "I've obviously been lied too and I apologize". Spoke to him about the closet doors and had to call 3 times to have those reinstalled. He then began to argue with my husband that his installers would never do that.

I guess they just jumped off the hinges themselves then. Have been trying to get install fees refunded, but Lowes says the best they can do is a lousy $300. I paid almost $6,000 in flooring and installation. When I went to get the $300, they wanted us to sign a waiver releasing them from all claims.

We did not sign or get the $300. I will not settle for $300 for Lowes to get off scotch free and never have to fix my floors they installed if there are issues. We have encountered the rudest and most terrible customer service from their executive offices and their local store locations. They obviously do not care about their customers.

I have seen a ton of complaints from people from all of the US about their sorry customer service and it looks like it is never rectified. However, they claim that they take pride in their customer service. Lowes should be ashamed!

I want a full refund!

Monetary Loss: $1104.

  • Lowes Bad SERVICE
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You might be an *** if you think anything in this world is free. Oreos and a wedding band.

The real question is why wasn't it on his hand? You have some nerve asking people who work hard to buy your floor. People like you think the world owes you. Wake up lady, they don't.

Your the kind people who always have a problem with others and try to abuse the system. Lowes did they right thing and you still acted like a ***.


You can not get a full refund for the flooring and installation if you keep the flooring. You need to look and see how much you paid for installing the floor and how much you were offered.

They did retrieve your husband's wedding band and they were offering you compensation for the food and for the behavior of the employee/s that stole from you. You did receive the product and have not said you are unhappy with the flooring that was installed or that they did anything wrong there.

While I would also be upset, the truth of the matter is that asking the store to compensate you for the behavior of their subcontractor's employee/s by giving you the flooring completely free is also wrong. You were offered an amount that would more than cover the food eaten and for the actions that caused such upset in your life.


Right, because it's totally acceptable to pull sh1t like that on a customer and then just throw money in their face to make it all better.

You go ahead and try that move with me you condescending little peckerhead.

Now go clean up aisle 5 and get yourself a new pair of kneepads while you're at it.