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I recently purchased a few items from Lowes Home improvement online sales and when I received My order I found that I was short two items ,which can happen from time to time however the disturbing part is that along with my invoice was a invoice from anoter customer's order with his address and american express payment method for his order ,upon contacting lowes online sales person (name was Chris ,would not give his last name)I was sent several generic emails stating that they would researchh my order and send me my order ,no mention of what they thought about the fact that I have received someone else's invoice with personal billing information on it.I have contacted this (Chris) in qoute custiomer service ,which is far from customer service he will not give a manager's or supervisors name to further this complaint ,Has anyone else had this type of issue with Lowes internet sales ,You might want to think about it before ordering from them and risking your personal information being sent to other customers.

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Same here but got Lowes invoice which showed they paid $74 and billed me $138. I told the clerk it was THEIR copy but she insisted it was mine.

Internet orders are sent directly by the supplier not from Lowes. Later discovered I could have driven 30 more miles and got it off the shelf, same price.


also the fact?.. of your c reports info sometimes share with others,,




This is totally unacceptable!

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That would make since but if you do some checking you will find that Lowes as well as walmart and many other store have a online price and a store price and the online price is almost always cheaper ,so I think that in most cases it would make better sense to pay the lower price and buy online except when dealing with a company like lowes that not only messes up your order but sends you peronsal information to other customers.The radical concept is to pay a lower Price!


This problem would not have ever happened if we would just not be so damned lazy and drive over to the store and make our purchases there (I know, a radical concept, because after all, the store IS probably at least a half mile away!) instead of ordering stuff off of the computer.