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If you go to Lowes, most of the time there are very few shoppers. There are lots of sales people, most of them looking like they were told to greet the shoppers. I see the managers working really hard to stimulate the workers with pep talks in the morning when NOBODY is willing to help the customers who need help.

If you look at the shelves, no item is really a good deal. They put yellow stickers on 5-10% discounted items, like it is a good deal. There is very little turn over of items at Lowes. It is depressing to go shop there.

I have walked out of Lowes many times not buying anything. There was no reason to buy it there. It is not a good buy! It is depressing that Lowes is not giving Home Depot the competition that it needs.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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why do you bother going to Lowe's, then? quit complaining and go shop at Home Depot and save yourself the wasted energy on typing a review and add some years to your life by decreasing the so called "depression" that is caused by shopping at Lowe's.