Burlington, Ontario

Went in today to return a BD *** trimmer. The self feeding line stopped cutting.

No bid deal I thought. I had the original receipt and owners manual. I wanted it replaced or fixed. Lowes response...we just sell it, after that, it is up to the manufacturer to look after it.

Case closed. No responsibility for their store. I didn't deal with BD, I dealt with Lowes. Never have I returned a product with receipt and been told NO!


Typical corporate answer to keeping profits up and customers away. Never, will I shop Lowes again!

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denise, it is about the customer when they're actually right. but when the customer is a psycho like the original poster and the loser from Mississippi then they're not right.


All Lowes are the same.They claim that the customer comes first bull.They don't even care about the employees


hey looked, anonymous mentioned Target in the Lowe's section. oh wait, I'm not surprised.


How long ago did you buy it?


It seems as though more and more retail companies are doing this lately.

I am extremely dismayed that Lowes treated you this way.

I have experienced the same treatment at Target and refuse to deal with them under any terms or circumstances.