Kearney, Nebraska
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As a Lowes stock holder I ask myself what is going on in the stores there is no help there.There are 1 sales person lots of time trying to help in 2-3 departments.You ask whats going on they say that thay are cutting back hours.While the (MANAGERS if you want to call them that) are in the back office you don't see them on the sales floor and I can understand why most of them don't know how to order or just don't know the products that they sell. If I was the CEO I would want to know what is going on why there are no customers shopping at Lowes. Maybe Robert Niblock and his so called new Lowes they are calling it the Lowes Of The Furture should QUIT and let someone else try to save the company Lowes will alway be #2 and Home depot will always be #1

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lowes are firing all small contractor work for them 16 years all we got was a call your done in 30 days. their hiring all illegals.

we went out of are way for those -sshole.had a lot of return customer. so my aping they sucks


I understand why its getting harder to find help in the stores and that is due to benefit that employees are getting.But yet Mr . Nibblock can go and get millions a dollars a year.

If you feed your people Mr.

Nibblock they will take better care you.To my understanding they have taken away monthly bonus ,inventory bonus and all kinds of bonuses, and the employees have to work harder for less.Doesn't make since . Not good for me as a stock holder.


I cant wait for unemployment. Until then im using my short timeto get some goods for my house. They treat u like *** so make sure i load up before lunch and again before quitting time.


I agree 100 % I am a retired store manager from 2003, i also have noticed customer service has gone completely down hill while upper management retire millionaires along with the board. this is now the corporate culture of all large companies. I do not shop at lowes anymore and will not until customer service is really their #1 priority.


To Lowes Really Sucks. I am currently a lowes return cashier.

And I assure you, you would NEVER get away with that s••t at my store.

You are no better then those skeezy *** head shop lifters. Worthless loser.


I've always liked Home Depot more but I don't understand why you're freaking out so much. and to the guy from Roach, Missouri you're an ***


Menards is number 1 if it ever goes public :).


to Lowes really sucks, Its people like you that we just need to send to China. Please walk in front of a mac truck and save the tax payers some $$$


I got tired of being ripped off by Lowes so i started ripping them off ,Every chance i get and it,s very easy ,most of the time they don,t ring up all the items or you say the yard guy never loaded something even if they did ,Just go to the refund desk and boom free money .Beats the *** out of robbing a bank.I use to work at Lowe's ,but had to quit ,I could,NT allow my self to lower my standards that much.