I'm so proud that Lowes carries more made in America products than their competitors and that they are not supporting the dishonest propaganda of "All Ammerican Muslim" That show is a whitewash over the growing muslim population in the US, that will soon be a dangerous rioting, separatist movement in our country, the way they are in many countries in Europe.

Lowes was only one of dozens of companies that pulled their advertizing after the show debuted and they had a chance to see it for the transparent vehichle for propaganda that it is. Most of the people who jump on the bigotry bandwagon would not want their children going to school in the town where the show is filmed.

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Lilmaude...I read your *** post in another discussion on here. Your an A S S!

How the *** can things shake from your hands into your pockets??

Your a thief and deserved to be fired. Get over it!


I love seperatist movements. My own little movement in Jerusalem really got the Romans pissed off. It got the jews pissed off too. You would have liked it.

But, then, you ignorant Lowes supporters don't read, and missed that part of the bible, so I'll spare you the details. Just listen to your local bible thumper, whatever flavor, give up your money every Sunday, and go play with your guns and crystal meth in your trailer parks, one day you'll get promoted to that assistant managers job at Lowes, just keep trying.

You'll deserve it.


Thanks to Lowes for making our jobs harder in Afghanistan. And thanks to Lowes for jeopardizing the safety of US Troops and the mission. And I thought giving aid (propaganda) to the enemy during wartime was treason.

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