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1/16/2018 order siding, gutters and a new exterior door. Siding has been a nightmare. It's not a good job at all. I was told that new homes were easy but old homes like ours was too hard and not worth it. Brand new flood light was shorted out. Not sure if he shorted out the light itself or in the wall. The outside electrical outlet he said was too big and they couldn't wrap it. There are a couple of areas that do not match properly. But the worse part is that the installers have destroyed the metal runners for 4 of my windows. I now have water leaking into the walls when it rains.

We have been told these were going to be fixed. They do not call us to set up time to come out. We find out by calling Lowes. So we sit home waiting and they never show. Today was one of those days. I called again and they said the installer will be out to fix my windows on Saturday. I informed them they need to be calling us. We have plans out of town this Saturday that can not be broken.

On top of this. The door that was also ordered. Here it is 4/11/2018 and our door is still not installed. Almost three weeks ago they finally after many calls, brought my door out. It didn't fit. So was suppose to reorder it. I found out just this past monday because no one had called with a date to install the door. They had never reordered it. So now it's suppose to be in 4/16/2018. Then they would set up a time to come and install. Over three months to get one exterior door installed.

My advice to anyone thinking about using Lowes for any projects. DO NOT DO IT.

PS: Lowes Home Office and customer service personal are really good at saying they have never gotten any calls from me about problems that we are having.

Below are just a few of the pictures I have. Seems that I had too many pictures to upload others.

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Siding Installation.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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We are living this nightmare right now.