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We bought a fix-upper in Melfa Va on the Eastern Shore of Va. I am installing a shower stall, toilet and vanity in that home. UNFORTUNATELY, there is no Home Depot close by so I went to the closest Lowes in Pocomoke Va - 45 min away each way.

I went there on Sunday evening with the contractor where I purchased $866.00 in bathroom fixtures. Bill Hickman, the sales clerk told me that 2 pieces are in Salisbury Lowes and he would arrange for delivery at soon as possible but no later than Wednesday. I made it clear that I didn't want the workmen sitting around not having anything to do and I didn't want to pay the contractor to make multiple trips picking up the order in piece meal so time was of the essence.

On the Monday I called Pocomoke Lowes to follow up on the order and was told by Jackie that I would not get the order until Friday. I said Bill said by Wednesday and I explained that I did not want the contractor picking up piece meal order and I didn't want the workmen not having any work to do all week.

On Tuesday morning I called Jackie again, and she assured me that the Lowes delivery truck had gone to Salisbury Lowes to pick up my 2 pieces. On Tuesday evening my contractor traveled the 45 minutes each way to Pocomoke Lowes to get the order.

By Wednesday when the contractor completed framing up the shower stall area and opened the box with the side shower walls there is only one piece instead of two pieces of side walls. That put a stop to the work since he could not install the shower stall without the other side wall and he could not install the toilet or the vanity until he install the shower stall.

So he had to go back to Pocomoke Lowes (45 minutes each way) and an attendant there told him that they do not have side walls in stock and HE needs to drive the extra hour to Salisbury to get what is missing.

On Saturday I called for Jackie at Pocomoke Lowes and she does not take the call. I elevate it to Paul, one of the managers, who says that Jackie is standing right there and she says that there are complete side wall boxes at Pocomoke Lowes. So Paul said that my contractor could come and get one - another 45 minutes round trip that I am going to have to pay for when I have already lost a week of work and paid for two contractor pick up from Pocomoke Lowes. When I mentioned that this would be the 3rd round trip I was paying for, Paul offered to have the side wall delivered to my house - but only the side wall that is missing. I asked if he could deliver the entire new box containing the 2 side walls and take back the box at my house with the one side wall and he said "no, no, no, no!" "You have to get your contractor to call us and tell us exactly which side wall is missing and we will deliver only that side wall." So I said what if there are other smaller pieces missing that we don't know about because we never got around to really trying to install it. Wouldn't it be easier on delivery time if you just bring a complete box and take back the defective box?" "No, no, no, no" he said in an all-or-nothing kind of way. "Have your contractor call Jackie and tell her exactly what is missing and we will bring only those parts."

Dear Paul, I am not trying to end up with three side walls for a two side wall shower stall. I am just trying to make sure that after your delivery I would have everything I need to get my project back on track i.e. install the shower, then the toilet, then the vanity. Ms. Melfa

But the entire experience made me realize why Home Depot is my absolute favorite store in the world. In all my years of dealing with Home Depot, it is the absolute best with customer service. Even if there is a Lowes closer by I will never chose a Lowes over a Home Depot. Paul, Jackie, Bill have just cemented my love and appreciation for how Home Depot has treated me over the years.


Monetary Loss: $250.

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Paul is one of the dumbest persons there that place is a joke there get your and could care less after that


Doesn't surprise me at all