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I purchased 3 major appliances from Lowe's in Philadelphia Whitman Plaza store July 6, 2014. After receiving first my Range, which had to be returned for dents and scratches was delivered again with dents and scratches, and again with dents and scratches I gave up. The Dishwasher was delivered and installed by 2 Asian gentleman who could not speak English and just laughed when I tried to talk to them. After they left I found the floor board hidden behind the stove? Which means the dishwasher is sitting on the drain pipe!

I was told by the store when the Frig came in the first time it was dented and they would have to reorder.

When it was reordered it came in again with a dent.

Today I wrote an email to corporate and within 2 hours the delivery guy called and told me they would be there it 10 minutes.

I have a Frig full of food and nowhere to put it while the new frig cooled down.

Am I getting one of the dented refrigerators or a new one??? If they had the new one all along why was I not called and told to pick a date??? Why only after an email to corporate was the frig available??? They better not try to bring me a dented or a different frig then I ordered or I will send them ALL BACK!!!! It has been almost 5 MONTHS!!!!!

Yes, Someone should give me an answer before I blow my top!!!

Deb Silvestri

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Lowes Pros: Price.

  • Lowes Bad SERVICE
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