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In a correction to the person that filed a complaint on Lowes return policy. If you were patient enough to read the Lowes policy sign that is posted (HUGE) by every return desk in over 1700 stores, Lowes also reserves the right to refuse return for any reason.

As a business, to reserve the right for something, post it on a sign, have the federal government monitor that right means---there is no hidden agreement and as an AMERICAN store, as long as it is written in their policies and procedures, that is honoring their return policy. You have the right to refuse passage of strangers in your house. If I came to your do your front door, as a stranger and wanted to sell you something that was foreign to your knowledge---do you have the right not to buy it? If you buy something at one store and try to return it to a another store that does not even have it assigned to their inventory, they have the right(posted as a policy for the WORLD to see)to REFUSE return.

Please correct and remove that statement.

Oh, that's right, you also have the right to publish or print LIES. I have the right to sue.

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What! No one has anything to add to this.

23 hits in apprx. one hour. Someone please respond to the truth. We as americans love to complain.

Well complain "bout" this --- we are all selfish and weak.

When do we actually stop and reason and give credit or try to understand the facts. We are so caught up with how cool and smart "Criminal Minds" may be, do we for one minute try to reason how stores do business.

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