Overland Park, Kansas

I am a white, middle class female, Christian, American that served 25 years in the military, to up hold the rights and freedoms of this country. Last time I knew religious freedom was one of those rights. Robert Niblock, the chairman and chief executive officer of Lowes might feel that Lowes has the right to support the organizations they choose and run ads where and when they choose for the TV shows they choose and he is certainty right.

My personal feeling is that Lowes made a huge mistake in pulling the ad from the show about Muslims in America, instead of apologizing and admitting they made a mistake, reinstate the ads, they have made a bad PROBLEM situation worse. That will show up in the profits (or lack of) next quarter.

Yes, they have the right to do whatever they want and I and thousands or more have the right to shop else where. Home Depot is usually very near any Lowes, where I live Home Depot is right across the street. I am no longer going to shop at Lowes on principle, for me even if they do finally wake up and to stop the bleeding, do finally apologize, it will be too little too late, I will only shop at Home Depot from now on.

You might give a 10% discount to Military (so does Home Depot) but you are a disgrace to what ourq soldiers have sacrificed for. If Robert Niblock had any balls he also would have left an e-mail to contact him at with the message he sent out defending his stupidly.

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Congress shall make no law regarding an establishment of religion.

Why are Lowes leaders, managers, and employees so incompetent? The answer lies in their defense; THEY HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO BE, AS INCOMPETENT AS THEY WANT TO BE.


...congress shall make no law regarding an establishment of religion... I am a disabled veteran, who supported those words with a gun, from behind a bullet proof vest.

It still sounds like a great policy.

Why are Lowes leadership, management, and employees so consistently and patently ***? I have to say, the answer lies in their defense; THEY HAVE EVERY RIGHT TO BE, as *** as they want to be.


It's a free country. Free to pull your commercial ad from any *** show you choose.


Yes, Satan, and any company that advertised on the sitcom \"Julia\" in the 1960s (the first TV show starring an African American), would be with their rights to pull their ads if it turned out Julia was a \"lighting (sic) rod for controversy\". :p


So far as "free speech" is concerned, at the outset of this controversy all Lowes employees were contacted and told to provide no comment to the media, without corporate authorization....


How does Lowes, by pulling a TV ad, in any way interfere with Muslims freedom to practice their religion in America? Sounds like you're making up "rights" as you go along. Doesn't work that way.

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