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I would recommend NOT getting your appliances from Lowes unless you have at least 4-6 months before needing them AND don't mind being lied to repeatedly. Apparently my definition and Lowes definition of guarantee are not one in the same.

They will also guarantee you another delivery date and even give you 10 percent off your total purchase but when the new date comes and goes and you're still without appliances they will suggest you get your money back and take back the 10 percent. At this point almost 9 weeks has gone by and I'm back to square one and wasted countless hours of my life getting hung up on by customer service and hanging out on hold listening to annoying music while they play the "transfer the blame game". Oh but in their defense they did offer me loaner appliances however they could not loan me the microwave, the oven, the cooktop or the vent hood. Oh cool, Lowes...

I can't wait to move in to my house I've been waiting a YEAR to move in to with only a refrigerator and dishwasher. Yes, My family and I would love to eat ramen noodles made from the dishwasher steam. What a great compromise .

Anyway, thanks to Lowes I'm super sad about a house I should be super happy about. Thanks a lot

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Delivery Service.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

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Did you order Samsung or LG appliances? If their local and national warehouses run out of stock new stock has to come from Korea.

If you ordered colors other than Stainless Steel it can be months before they are produced and once produced it can be another 3-4 weeks in shipping. Unfortunately the manufacturers aren't very good at communicating when they expect to deliver your product. They will just show backordered with next week as the next ship date and this will happen week after week till the product actually ship and unfortunately the ship date the manufacturer gives the store is all they have to go on. Blame the manufacturer, not the store.

Cancel the order, go somewhere that they have the appliances IN STOCK, IN THEIR WAREHOUSE.

If they order them you will be in the same situation. Good luck.


What was the brand of Appliances you purchased?

Are they on a active back order?

Did you order them during one of the larger sales.

Lowe's keeps no more then 2 rolling weeks worth of appliances, for two main reasons.

There storage space is not adequate to support the sales, and two they are only allowed a total dollar amount worth of product under the roof of liability at any given time.

I'm sorry you had to wait, but your post gave no one any sort of specific information for people to help resolve your issue. I can almost assure you that you were not being lied to.

The people told you what they knew... at times that not a lot. Associates at times can be on hold with certain manufacturers for over an hour at a time. If a customer walks up, and they are the only one present...

they must hang up and assist. Which means there hold time starts over again. They are told days after PO's are promised to be delivered, that they are back ordered. It is unfortunate, and not easy to work in a home with 1/7th of the appliances you would need to run a functioning home.

Sadly its not Lowe's fault your stuff isn't there.

Please feel free to provide information in regards to your order, your store of purchase. You would be surprised how much people can help.