Charlotte, North Carolina
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Took small Tiller and extended warranty paperwork in November 2009 to the Lowes I purchased it from in Shelby, NC. Manager told me where to go to get it repaired which was an hour from my house.

I told manager Lowes must send the tiller for repair.

First repair took 2 months and of course wasn't covered by the warranty and plus, the thing wasn't even fixed. Lowes sent second time for repair which took 2 more months and you guessed it, repair wasn't covered by warranty.

Finally, since I haven't heard from Lowes in several weeks, I called today and they said it's ready. I will go tonight to pick it up and can't wait to see what the cost is and if it's even fixed!

Product or Service Mentioned: Lowes Warranty.

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Our bussiness are the way they are because ppl like you!!!

You pretended bring back something you had over 30 days or more???? Plus NO receipt :eek


Of course these people who complain that the extended warrenty doesn't work, are the same people who mis-use the product and then cry its not fixed. Read the terms and conditions people, its that simple.

You hit a rock in the yard it's not covered.

You use the item for commerical use, it's not covered. You have your handi man take it apart and try to put it back together, it's not covered.


Why would anyone want to sell products with small engines? Too many people don't understand you need to use fresh fuel and oil in the engine.

They don't follow the simple directions and then blame the retailer when the manufaturer won't pay to fix something they screwed up. You don't see lawn mowers at Target any more do you?