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I went to lowes for a price on my cabinets. I had a list of cabinets that my contractor gave me. When I got there the guy in that dept. made an appointment with me for later that day as he was already working with someone and there was no one else there.

When I got there later I had to wait an additonal 15 minutes. I told him I had a list and I also had the measurements but he didn't need them. He snatched the layout with the measurements out of my hand and said I'd rather do it this way.

He still had not finished with the last person and had another employee help him finish that one. The other employee kept interrupting him to ask questions. I finally was able to ask him (bob w.) a question. He acted like he didn't hear a thing I said. I then said 'hello?' and nothing still.

He then was asked a question by a third employee who was at another terminal helping someone else. He heard that question fine. I asked him another question. Again, ignored. Finally an old man waks by and asks where the men's room was. He heard 'that' fine and immedidetly answered him in great detail. I thought he was going to go hold the guys ##@# for him.

I then asked yet another question and he ignored me again. I got up and walked out. I needed to buy 17 cabinets. Lowes lost my business forever. I have 2 homes and used to only do business with them. But this and other ignorant employee problems has soured me for good.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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Jensen Beach Lowes is like a dark deep hole smart people drive the extra few blocks to Home Depot they are in stock with professional help no like lowes !!


Lowe's and Home Depot suck when it comes to customer service. Can't always blame the employee as Lowe's/Home Depot have a tendency to put one employee in charge of three different areas.

If you try and call for pricing you can be on hold for 20+ minutes waiting for someone or get no one at all. If you want great customer service and knowledable staf.....go to the smaller lumber yards.


Sounds like you needed to shut your cake hole and wait your turn. You got a problem with old people who need to use the bathroom?

I guess if it were up to you the elderly would just *** themselves like livestock waiting for you to get your *** cabinets.

Then they'd have to go back to the rest home smelling like *** on the bus while you go relax and have your butler serve you Coco Puffs from your new cabinets in one of your TWO houses. Fascist.


stanley sands from the bahamas

i had a business in south andros ,namely sands appliance haven

contact number then was 242 3694488,or 87

i have relocated

how can i become your bahamas distributor

please send me some information


I'm an ***. At least I can spell you're.

No wonder 'YOUR' delivering furniture for a living..Bwaahahaha..

Freakin' lowes maroon. *** like you are why I'll never go there again. Half of Lowes employees have done hard time.

NEVER again, ***. Deal with it.


Your an ***. The employee you dealt with was obvouisly a ***, but to never go to Lowes again because on this one employee.

I repeat, your an ***. You sound as dumb as he is. You should try to not hold a whole company accountable for on incident. I work in delivery and bust my *** doing extra things all day long that aren't my job just to be nice and helpful.

Like helping people move there old frig to another residence.

Or moving a couch for them to the basement cause they are 100 years old and ask me for a favor... Go to the manager and complain about the *** employee you got and leave it at that...


Tell me about it.

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