Sparta, Georgia
Customer service
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Hate Lowes. Walked in to get keys made.

The customer service person acted like we were bothering her. She pointed is to where we should go, major attitude, and when I said there wasn't anyone there she to wait while she called. Waited for 8 minutes (we started timing... Lol) and no one ever showed.

Goodbye Lowes, hello Home Depot. Second time this has happened.

First time was getting fencing installed. Noone could be bothered to help or even give info and we walked away and had it done somewhere else.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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You will find more stores going to automated, self service key machines for just this reason. Stores don't make any money cutting keys.

Between the cost of the blank and the labor involved, there is no profit.

The same people that cut keys are also selling products that stores do make a profit on. Do you think that salesperson is going to leave someone they are selling a profitable item to so they can run over and cut a key?