Calgary, Alberta
Not resolved

I have a kitchen that is fairly useless thanks to Lowes design team. $11,000 later and I'm stuck with a microwave cabinet that's totally useless and an island where nothing mathes.

They tried having me call the kitchen manufacturer but they say it's a design problem and wash their hands of it. The store says no problem, we'll fix it and call you back tomorrow. Still no call. We are stuck living in a brand new house with a useless unfinished kitchen that can't be finished until somebody at Lowes wakes up and follows through with the talk.

So far lots of friendly, lots of "no problem", but no action. It's beginning to look like I have to find the time to go in again and loudly rip a piece off the store manager at the customer service counter in front of all the customers.

And that just not my style. How low do I have to go at Lowes to get what I paid for.

Monetary Loss: $11400.

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