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I ordered Shenandoah kitchen cabinets and granite countertops totalling $20,000 from Lowes.I chose Lowed installation service at $2995 but when their installer came to measure and look at the job, she charged us an extra point, $299.50 because extra work would be involved in floor preparation.

Day of installation, the cabinets were placed and leveled on TOP of the edge of our existing laminate flooring. I asked the installer to trim the flooring so that the base counters would rest on the concrete floor and not on the edge of the laminate. He told me that wasn't part of their service and it was standard procedure to set the cabinet on top of, or in this case, on the edge of the flooring. Trim would cover anything that might show.

I was very concerned as I thought laminate floors needed expansion space. The Lowes installer, Dave, assured me this 'no problem' and 'done all the time'. Now, remember, I paid $299.50 extra for this installation. Within 6 weeks of the cabinet install, my beautiful laminate floors started to show signs of buckling.

I wrote Lowes April llth for assistance in correcting the problem. I had Empire Today, my original floor installation company, come and look at the problem. Although they charged me $1800 to 'fix' what they could, the cabinets were firmly sunk into the laminate and firmly held the planks so that those trapped under the dabinet edge had to remain in place. So, $1800 of my own money was spent trying to fix the Lowe's installer's mess.

Now it is September 27, 2009 and Lowes has been to 'look' at the problem 3 times but nothing has been done to date. I took time off work to meet with one of their floor specialists, Mark. He assured me that his report would be in their hands that very day. Of course 3 days later no one was 'available' when I dropped into the store.

The Manager Chas and the Installation Manager TJ we 'out'. Two days later, no call from Lowes. I called again and was told by TJ that he needed someone to come out to the house and measure for replacement flooring but that no one was available. He said he'd call me back that very afternoon.

Now 3 days later, still no call back. Lowes is giving me the the runaround!!! My floors are getting worse as the twisting planks are spreading ... first the kitchen, then the entranceway (encumbered by the peninsula) and now down the hallway.

Pretty soon Lowes is going to have to replace my entire house flooring if they don't hurry.Incidentially, in case thous sounds petty, Empire Today was originally paid $9,000 for the job and then $1,800 for repairs, and the floors were beautiful before the Lowes installation disaster.

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Hard to believe the cabinets will cause that much problem for floor, installer was right that it is standard.Installers must move fast to make a profit.

Your floor can easily be cut afterwards by a flooring guy.to cut the floor precisely,first would require completely installing cabinets then tracing perimeter then remove cabinets cut floor and re install the cabinets.this would be triple the labor of a regular install and chance damaging cabinets from so much moving around. Your flooring Guy should have been able to remove flooring by cutting next to the toe kick. they should have saws for this cabinet installers do no have these saws. This sis the problem with do it your-selfer.

a knowledgeable general contractor would have foreseen these issues and had control of the different sub contractors to make sure thing are done properly and do be held accountable. Lowes are suppliers and can be held accountable.

You probably signed something taking responsibility for the install not lowes.they can only handle manufactures defects.


laminate over concrete????moisture issue directly coming from the concrete.

Not a good idea to put any type of wood based product over concrete. Some concrete floors can emitlarge amounts of moisture through them.

That is why the boards are buckling.Also, why would there be buckling in an entranceway, and hallway which isn't even near the cabinets.

to moisture Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States #818064

sure over concrete.There are vapor barrier products that work wonderfully.

you are right about the buckling in entanceway.

The point that laminate was existing is puzzling.I think there are water issues look at the roof and the flooring Guy reinstall floors with a better vapor barrier.


My husband and I just had our whole kitchen done by Lowes...Cabinets, flooring & countertops.We had no problems at all and we love the results.

The cabinet installer was one of the nicest people and did a fantastic job on the cabinets.

The contractor who did the countertops was just as good.I have no complaints and I had no problems.


LOL at *** spends 20K on cabs and counters and is too cheap to buy a real floor. Good luck, teabagger...


If you buy cheap laminate up to 2$/SF this is what you get. You get buckling and splitting.

Buy 4$/SF laminate and you can place anything on top of it. It says so on the warranty.

to quality handyman Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States #818065

I did not want to call the flooring cheap but that is it.The good laminates are virtually indestructible.

Kitchens and baths need high quality.These are high traffic and sublect to water and chemicals grease.


I had wretched experience with a Lowe's bathroom vanity purchase and installation.

Lowe's tried to cheat us out of our original purchase. Assigned an installer who didn't know what he was doing and didn't have the tools to do it. Lied to us. Wasted two days of my husband's time. And to top it off, no apology.

They tried to charge me twice for the same vanity. I had to call up and down the corporate chain to get them to admit I'd already paid for it.

When the installer came the first time, he didn't have the tools to drill the vanity top for the faucet installation. Lowe's promised me they'd send it out again with the holes predrilled. The installer went back to pick it up. No holes drilled. My husband had to use his tools, which weren't the proper tools, and help the installer drill the holes.

I won't set foot in Lowe's ever again. They're happy to take your money (twice, if they can), but don't deliver what they promise.


Been waiting now for 3 weeks for my Wirlpool Range to be delivered and installed. I'm on my 2nd installer, the first came and took all the measurements and charged $35 and then never came back. Found out they were fired by Lowes but no one kept up on my order. New guys came to day and measured and promised an answer in 1 hour. 4 hours later, no joy

My atep son took a look and said the rage won't fit without cutting the countertop and cabinet face (news to me and never commented on by either Lowes installer). Turns out a 30" range is actually 30 3/4" wide!

Well I guess I was misled by Lowes Salesman, and 2 installers.

Oh yeah, just noticed that the second guy has screwed up the laminate when he shoved he old range back in place with his feet!


Just buy dont buy a kitchen from lowes they take you money and dont care :(

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