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As a small construction company, we spent about $41,000 with Lowes last year across three states. I'm guessing that makes us one of thier better customers.

At the end of each project, we have a small collection of unused stuff...a few light switches, switch plates, pipes, etc which we just take back to Lowes. Lowes normally finds the stuff on our credit card, but when they don't (because we paid cash or used a store credit card), they check our driver's license and give us a store credit...which we just use on future projects.

But last night, I apparently hit the some magic ($250?) return threshold, they would only take back 2 of the 5 things I was returning, and was told I can never again return anything to Lowes. If we can't do the occasional returns, we simply can't buy from Lowes, because it really hurts our profitability and we obviuosly don't need the stuff that we don't need on the project.

So today we set up our account at Home Depot and ordered carpet from them for our customer's 5,000 square foot home, 400 feet of wood fencing, and a bunch of other stuff as part of the renovation. So because of Lowes $35 rejected return, Home Depot wins all our business forever. And because we subcontract out a lot of our work, we informed all our subcontractors today that they too are expected to avoid using Lowes wherever possible and instead concentrate thier puchases at Home Depot.

And the funniest part of this whole thing -- the return that Lowes rejected -- we just sent one of our emplyees over to Lowes and they took the return because it was not my driver's license. So Lowes *** policy doesn't do anything for them at all, aside from running off thier best customers.

All's well that ends well for me. And all's bad that ends badly for Lowes.

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IT"S THE STORE POLICY ***!!!!! And do you know how ANNOYING it is when you contractors...dirty old men anyway perverts...come in to return stuff like a million dollars worth and NO receipt??? It is a pain in the *** so I'm GLAD you are off to Home Depot.


THAT'S why you work in retail, because you are either to LAZY or have an IQ of 10 and are not smart enough to work for a contractor!