Carrollton, Georgia
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I a refrigerator the first one had dent in the front of the door a two inch scratch in the side down to the metal and was noisy. Sent it back another one was delivered that had two two inch scratches

down to the metal in the side a chip out of one of he shelves. Went to talk to the salesman in the store that sold it to me.

He said their manufactures don't care about anything they make and that most everything they sell isn't made very well and has something wrong with it and most people won't care about scratches. I don't know about you but if I'm paying a grand for something I think it at least it shouldn't be dented and scratched up.

If you care you should shop somewhere else.

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Well I have to say that you have 3 mistakes;

1. This is America, everything you buy in a big box store is foreign made now.

2. You had it dilevered instead of picking up yourself, I had to ride on those box trucks and *** gets damaged all the time on them.

3. Even if you shop somewhere eles, those stores most likely lack even more pride than Lowe's and has stuff from foreign countries too.

A solution; find a Mom and Pop store, a smaller chain like Ace, or a restoration place to get an American made appliance.

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