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If you want to waste $1200, on 3 lawn mowers, in 7 years, Lowes Mesquite, Texas, is the place for you! They have a assistant manager there, Luke or Lucas, of which likes to talk over you, berate your intelligence, and then hang up while you are trying to get a word in edgewise!

Thats a great example for underlings to learn to be just as nasty and uncaring, about their customer base. I have spent well over $40,000 with Lowe's during the remodel of my home, and after 3 mows of a small yard this year, they want me to spend another 130 on rebuilding the carburetor on a 9 month old lawnmower, with less than an hours use on it? I have done some dumb stuff in my life, but they can keep it as a trophy of bad customer service, and *** for products! Th8s was a replacement for the last one with the same problem within months as well.

I instructed them to mark my profile: CUSTOMER WILL NEVER RETURN! I despise home depot, but looks like that's where my money will be going from now on.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Why are you complaining about Lowes rather than the manufacturer of the mower? Lowes didn't make the mower and is not responsible for the warranty on the mower, the manufacturer is.

If you have only used it 3 times in 9 months for less than an hour total it is very possible that the problem is due to your letting gas sit in it for that long. If you use gas with ethanol in it it will attract water which can damage your fuel system including the carb.

Owner neglect is not covered by the warranty and you would have to pay for repairs. If you took as much time to read your manuals as you spend complaining on the internet you wouldn't have the problems you are complaining about.