Houston, Texas
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I needed 10 bags of sand and 10 bags of top soil. This guy in landscaping told me he didn't have any sand so I should go to contracting and he'd meet me there with the top soil. 30 minutes later he's STILL not there. Also, there's NO ONE to get me the sand in contracting so after he got there he had to go get it anyway.

He'd having a very hard time working as he pants are barely hanging on to his hips with his ugly gray underwear.

He said it took him a long time as he was the only one working which was a lie. He was standing there talking to an employee when he told me he'd help.

He had the biggest case of the "give a sh_ts" I've ever seen.

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You are really complaining about some lazy employee when you could've just gotten it yourself and been gone out the door. Look every business has lazy subpar employees, kinda like there are lazy subpar humans.